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มีนาคม 2554
27 มีนาคม 2554

Don't cry

it's very crystal clear to me now that why one of my friend who passed a written exam part of ocsc scholarship cried so hard. Yes, she was VERY happy on the first day after she knew the announcement, but on the next day she was too nervous thinking about she would pass an interview part or not. i only encouraged her with all my best at that time. Ok, now, the truth is, what's annoying me so far is that i have passed the written exam part of MA course at (forgive me). i really would like to pass an interview part as well. i'm crazy now. i can't control myself to do anything much; can't eat, can't fall asleep, can't talk to everyone else, can't even take a bath LOL not really. i'm listening to a sad song, typing with tears falling on the keyboard, thinking about my future, and wishing that i could use magic.


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