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Corazon Espinado

Esa mujer me esta matando
Me a espinado el corazon
Por mas que trato de olvidarla

Mi alma no da razon
Mi corazon aplastado
Herido y abandonado
Aber aber tu sabes dime mi amor por favor
Que dolor nos quedo

Ah ah ah corazon espinado
Ah ah ah como me duele el amor

Como duele como duele el corazon
Cuando nostiene entregados
Pero no olvides mujer que algun dia diras
Hay ya yay como me duele el amor

Como me duele el olvido
Como duele el corazon
Como me duele estar vivo
Sin tenerte aun lado amor


Ah,ah,ah corazón espinado
Hay,ya,ay she left a thorn in my heart

Corazón espinado

Esa mujer is taking my soul
Left a thorn inside my heart
The more I try to go get her
The more I, I fall apart

Corazón abandonado
Nobody hears, just my shadow
She took my heart, my soul,
She took it all
Now She's gone
She's gonna let me alone

Ah,ah,ahy Corazón espinado
Como duele,me duele mamá
Ah,ah,ahy she left a thorn in my heart

How it hurts, how it hurts el corazón
When you completely sourrounded
And always, always been said
Every rose has a thorn

Hay,ya ay can't take this pain anymore

Ah,ah,ah corazón espinado
Como duele, me duele mamá
Ah,ah,ah she left a thorn in my heart
Ah,ah,ah corazón espinado
Ah,ah,ah she left a thorn in my heart

échale mi carlitos

como me duele el olvido
How it hurts el corazón
como me duele estar vivo
Cuz I can't stand this pain no more

Corazón espinado
Corazón espinado
Corazón espinado
Corazón espinado

Corazón espinado
Corazón espinado
Corazón espinado
Corazón espinado

Corazón espinado

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Thanks for being my friend,

And understanding me,

For knowing what I'm going through,

And being here for me.

I know I can always count on you,

And I hope you know,

You can always count on me too,

Whatever you need I'm here for you,

Together we can make it through.

Even though we haven't known,

Each other that long,

We have become very close,

And are best friends now,

And I hope we always will be.

I'm so glad to have a great friend like you,

My world was falling apart,

Until the day I met you,

Then you turned my life around,

And now I no longer frown.


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