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Prap Ho Monument ::

This monument was built to honour those who died in the fight against Chinese Ho rebellion of 1886.
The monument was built on the order of Prince Prachak Silpakhom.

It was originally behind Nongkhai police station but was moved in 1949 to its present location at the intersection of roads entering Nongkhai.

The monument has inscriptions in Thai, Chinese, Laos and English. The province holds a celebration at the monument every March 5th to commemorate the victory over the insurrection by Hor tribesmen.

Prab Hor monument was built in 1886. Enlarged and renovated in 1951. It contains the remains of those officials who lost their lives in putting down the rebellion.

Luang Pho Phra Sai ::
This gold coloured Buddha image is highly revered by the Nongkhai people and dates back to the ancient Lan Chang Empire Centuries ago. It is believed the image is one of 3 commissioned by the 3 daughters of the king of Lan Chang in 1778.
The images were moved to Vientiane and during the reign of King Rama III, they were brought to Thailand.

One sank in a storm while crossing thr Mekong river. The remaining images were placed in Wat Pho Chai and Wat Ho Klong. Wat Pho Chai is the temple where Luang Pho Phra Sai is housed.

There is a celebration every the seventh lunar month at the temple.The major Buddha image of Nongkhai, is enshrined at Wat Po Chai, The golden, sacred Buddha image is very beautiful and worshipped by many people.

Scenes of Nongkhai (left right)

1) Tobacco Village 2) Sadet (Indochina) Market 3) Phra Chao Ong Tu 4) Bohemier Sirintornee 5) Phu Phra Bat Historical Park 6) Seven Colors Waterfall 7) Tan Tip Waterfall 8) Tan Thong Waterfaal 9) Phu Thok

Jorm Manee Beach
Jorm Manee Beach really is a beach - right on the banks of the famous Mekong. It is the Phuket of Nongkhai during the summer months from April onwards.

Here locals and tourists alike gather to picnic, swim and soak up the sun. Food stalls and various other facilities appear out of nowhere to service the holidaymaker's needs.

Friendship Bridge (Thai-Laos)
This is the first international bridge spanning the Mekong.
The bridge links Nongkhai with Vientiane and was built jointly by the governments of Australia, Thailand and Laos. The bridge was opened in April 8, 1994. The first bridge spanning the two countries across Mekong river was a co-operative project between the three countries of Thailand, Democratic People's Republic of Laos and Australia. The Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge is situated in Nongkhai city opposite Tha Na Leang of Laos PDR.

Sala Kaew Koo and Ban Na Thorng
A unique place with numerous sculptures designed and built by a Buddhist monk according to his unusual beliefs and vision. Sala Kaew Koo is about 3 km. from Nongkhai on the Nongkhai - Phon Phi-sai road.
The grounds of this unusual site are filled with strange statuary depicting scenes and characters from Buddhist and Hindu lore.
Some of the works defy explanations. In an exhibition hall there are pictures of the founder of the temple, Luang Pho Bunleua, and a large collection of wooden and bronze images of Hindu and other deities.

Golden Stupa
On the mountain by the Mekong River at Wat AranBanpot.

Monument of former Holy Private Monk of The King.

Such is the beauty of the architecture of this Stupa that visitors return again and again to photograph it.

Phu Thok ,
known as "Lonely mountain" in Isan is situated in Amphoe Bung Kan, some 185 kilometers from Nongkhai town.
Phu Thok is topped by Wat Chetiya Khiri Vihan or locally call Wat Phu Thok. To reach the top one must walk up the mountain by the wooden spiral staircase.
A not insubstantial climb by any means but well worth it for the spectacular views from the summit.
Historically the completion of the staircase took five years. For visitors who travel by own car to Phu Thok the road follows the Mekong river from Nongkhai city to Nakhon Phanom city.

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