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Bille August

Nationality: Danish. Born: Copenhagen, 9 November 1948.
Education: Studied advertising photography; earned diploma as a director of photography from Danish Film School, 1971.
Family: Married Pernilla Ostergren, star of Den Goda Viljan, 1991. Career: Selected by filmmaker Jorn Donner as cinematographer on Homeward in the Night, 1976; directed his first feature, Honningmane, 1978; also directed dramas for Danish television, as well as episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles for American television.
Awards: Outstanding Film of the Year, London Festival, for Zappa, 1983; Special Jury Prize, Young Peoples' Cinema Festival at Lyon, and Best Danish Film Award, for Tro, hab og kaerlighed, 1984; Culture Award, Danish Trades Union Congress, 1984; Oscar, Best Foreign Film, and Palme d'or, Cannes Festival, for Pelle erobreren, 1987; Palme d'or, Cannes Festival, for Den goda viljan, 1992


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