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Port ต่างๆ

หมายเลข port และ service การทำงาน

0/tcp Reserved
0/udp Reserved
1/tcp TCP Port Service Multiplexer
2/tcp Management Utility
3/tcp Compression Process
5/tcp Remote Job Entry
7/tcp Echo
7/udp Echo
9/tcp Discard
9/udp Discard
11/tcp Active Users
11/udp Active Users
13/tcp Daytime
13/udp Daytime
17/tcp Quote of the Day
17/udp Quote of the Day
18/tcp RWP rwrite
18/udp RWP rwrite
18/tcp Message Send Protocol
18/udp Message Send Protocol
19/tcp Character Generator
19/udp Character Generator
20/tcp File Transfer [Default Data]
21/tcp File Transfer [Control]
23/tcp Telnet
24/tcp any private mail system
24/udp any private mail system
25/tcp Simple Mail Transfer
27/tcp NSW User System FE
27/udp NSW User System FE
29/tcp MSG ICP
29/udp MSG ICP
31/tcp MSG Authentication
31/udp MSG Authentication
33/tcp Display Support Protocol
33/udp Display Support Protocol
35/tcp any private printer server
35/udp any private printer server
37/tcp Time
37/udp Time
38/tcp Route Access Protocol
38/udp Route Access Protocol
39/udp Resource Location Protocol
41/tcp Graphics
41/udp Graphics
42/udp Host Name Server
43/tcp Who Is
44/tcp MPM FLAGS Protocol
45/tcp Message Processing Module [recv]
46/tcp MPM [default send]
47/tcp NI FTP
47/udp NI FTP
48/tcp Digital Audit Daemon
48/udp Digital Audit Daemon
49/tcp Login Host Protocol
50/tcp Remote Mail Checking Protocol
50/udp Remote Mail Checking Protocol
51/udp IMP Logical Address Maintenance
52/tcp XNS Time Protocol
52/udp XNS Time Protocol
53/tcp Domain Name Server
53/udp Domain Name Server
54/tcp XNS Clearinghouse
54/udp XNS Clearinghouse
55/tcp ISI Graphics Language
55/udp ISI Graphics Language
56/tcp XNS Authentication
56/udp XNS Authentication
57/tcp any private terminal access
57/udp any private terminal access
58/tcp XNS Mail
58/udp XNS Mail
59/tcp any private file service
59/udp any private file service
60/tcp Unassigned
60/udp Unassigned
61/tcp NI MAIL
61/udp NI MAIL
62/tcp ACA Services
64/tcp Communications Integrator (CI)
65/tcp TACACS-Database Service
66/tcp Oracle SQL*NET
67/udp Bootstrap Protocol Server
68/udp Bootstrap Protocol Client
69/udp Trivial File Transfer
70/tcp Gopher
71/tcp Remote Job Service
71/udp Remote Job Service
72/tcp Remote Job Service
72/udp Remote Job Service
73/tcp Remote Job Service
73/udp Remote Job Service
74/tcp Remote Job Service
74/udp Remote Job Service
75/tcp any private dial out service
75/udp any private dial out service
76/tcp Distributed External Object Store
76/udp Distributed External Object Store
77/tcp any private RJE service
77/udp any private RJE service
78/tcp vettcp
78/udp vettcp
79/tcp Finger
80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP
80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP
81/tcp HOSTS2 Name Server
81/udp HOSTS2 Name Server
82/tcp XFER Utility
82/udp XFER Utility
83/tcp MIT ML Device
83/udp MIT ML Device
84/tcp Common Trace Facility
84/udp Common Trace Facility
85/tcp MIT ML Device
85/udp MIT ML Device
86/tcp Micro Focus Cobol
87/tcp any private terminal link
87/udp any private terminal link
88/tcp Kerberos
89/tcp SU/MIT Telnet Gateway
90/tcp DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map
91/tcp MIT Dover Spooler
92/tcp Network Printing Protocol
92/udp Network Printing Protocol
93/tcp Device Control Protocol
93/udp Device Control Protocol
94/tcp Tivoli Object Dispatcher
94/udp Tivoli Object Dispatcher
95/tcp SUPDUP
95/udp SUPDUP
96/tcp DIXIE Protocol Specification
97/tcp Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol
97/udp Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol
98/tcp TAC News
98/udp TAC News
99/tcp Metagram Relay
99/udp Metagram Relay
100/tcp [unauthorized use]
101/tcp NIC Host Name Server
101/udp NIC Host Name Server
102/tcp ISO-TSAP Class 0
102/udp ISO-TSAP Class 0
103/tcp Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net
103/udp Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net
104/tcp ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300
105/tcp Mailbox Name Nameserver
105/udp Mailbox Name Nameserver
106/tcp 3COM-TSMUX
106/udp 3COM-TSMUX
106/tcp Password Server
107/tcp Remote Telnet Service
108/tcp SNA Gateway Access Server
109/tcp Post Office Protocol - Version 2
110/tcp Post Office Protocol - Version 3
111/tcp SUN Remote Procedure Call
111/udp SUN Remote Procedure Call
112/tcp McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol
113/tcp Authentication Service
114/tcp Audio News Multicast
114/udp Audio News Multicast
115/tcp Simple File Transfer Protocol
115/udp Simple File Transfer Protocol
116/tcp ANSA REX Notify
116/udp ANSA REX Notify
117/tcp UUCP Path Service
118/tcp SQL Services
118/udp SQL Services
119/tcp Network News Transfer Protocol
120/tcp CFDPTKT
120/udp CFDPTKT
121/tcp Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
121/udp Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
122/tcp SMAKYNET
122/udp SMAKYNET
123/tcp Network Time Protocol
123/udp Network Time Protocol
124/tcp ANSA REX Trader
124/udp ANSA REX Trader
125/tcp Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser
126/tcp Unisys Unitary Login
126/udp Unisys Unitary Login
127/tcp Locus PC-Interface Conn Server
128/tcp GSS X License Verification
128/udp GSS X License Verification
129/tcp Password Generator Protocol
129/udp Password Generator Protocol
130/tcp cisco FNATIVE
130/udp cisco FNATIVE
131/tcp cisco TNATIVE
131/udp cisco TNATIVE
cisco-sys 132/tcp cisco SYSMAINT
cisco-sys 132/udp cisco SYSMAINT
133/tcp Statistics Service
133/udp Statistics Service
134/tcp INGRES-NET Service
135/tcp Location Service
135/udp Location Service
136/tcp PROFILE Naming System
137/tcp NETBIOS Name Service
137/udp NETBIOS Name Service
138/tcp NETBIOS Datagram Service
138/udp NETBIOS Datagram Service
139/tcp NETBIOS Session Service
139/udp NETBIOS Session Service
140/tcp EMFIS Data Service
140/udp EMFIS Data Service
141/tcp EMFIS Control Service
141/udp EMFIS Control Service
142/tcp Britton-Lee IDM
142/udp Britton-Lee IDM
143/tcp Interactive Mail Access Protocol v2
144/tcp NewS
144/udp NewS
145/tcp UAAC Protocol
145/udp UAAC Protocol
146/tcp ISO-IP0
146/udp ISO-IP0
147/tcp ISO-IP
147/udp ISO-IP
149/tcp AED 512 Emulation Service
149/udp AED 512 Emulation Service
150/tcp SQL-NET
150/udp SQL-NET
151/tcp HEMS
152/tcp Background File Transfer Program
152/udp Background File Transfer Program
153/tcp SGMP
153/udp SGMP
154/tcp NETSC
154/udp NETSC
155/tcp NETSC
155/udp NETSC
156/tcp SQL Service
157/tcp KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol
158/tcp PCMail Server
159/tcp NSS-Routing
159/udp NSS-Routing
160/tcp SGMP-TRAPS
160/udp SGMP-TRAPS
161/udp SNMP
162/udp SNMPTRAP
163/tcp CMIP/TCP Manager
163/udp CMIP/TCP Manager
164/tcp CMIP/TCP Agent
s164/udp CMIP/TCP Agent
165/tcp Xerox
165/udp Xerox
166/tcp Sirius Systems
166/udp Sirius Systems
167/tcp NAMP
167/udp NAMP
168/tcp RSVD
168/udp RSVD 169/udp SEND
170/tcp Network PostScript
170/udp Network PostScript
171/tcp Network Innovations Multiplex
171/udp Network Innovations Multiplex
172/tcp Network Innovations CL/1
172/udp Network Innovations CL/1
173/tcp Xyplex
173/udp Xyplex
174/tcp MAILQ
174/udp MAILQ
175/tcp VMNET
175/udp VMNET
176/tcp GENRAD-MUX
176/udp GENRAD-MUX
177/udp X Display Manager Control Protocol
178/tcp NextStep Window Server
178/udp NextStep Window Server
179/tcp Border Gateway Protocol
180/tcp Intergraph
180/udp Intergraph
181/tcp Unify
181/udp Unify
182/tcp Unisys Audit SITP
182/udp Unisys Audit SITP
183/tcp OCBinder
183/udp OCBinder
184/tcp OCServer
184/udp OCServer
185/tcp Remote-KIS
185/udp Remote-KIS
186/tcp KIS Protocol
186/udp KIS Protocol
187/tcp Application Communication Interface
187/udp Application Communication Interface
188/tcp Plus Five's MUMPS
188/udp Plus Five's MUMPS
189/tcp Queued File Transport
190/tcp Gateway Access Control Protocol
190/udp Gateway Access Control Protocol
191/tcp Prospero Directory Service
192/tcp OSU Network Monitoring System
192/udp OSU Network Monitoring System
193/tcp Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol
193/udp Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol
194/udp Internet Relay Chat Protocol
195/tcp DNSIX Network Level Module Audit
196/tcp DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir
197/tcp Directory Location Service
197/udp Directory Location Service
198/tcp Directory Location Service Monitor
198/udp Directory Location Service Monitor
199/tcp SMUX
199/udp SMUX
200/tcp IBM System Resource Controller
200/udp IBM System Resource Controller
201/tcp AppleTalk Routing Maintenance
201/udp AppleTalk Routing Maintenance
202/tcp AppleTalk Name Binding
202/udp AppleTalk Name Binding
203/tcp AppleTalk Unused
203/udp AppleTalk Unused
204/tcp AppleTalk Echo
204/udp AppleTalk Echo
205/tcp AppleTalk Unused
205/udp AppleTalk Unused
206/tcp AppleTalk Zone Information
206/udp AppleTalk Zone Information
207/tcp AppleTalk Unused
207/udp AppleTalk Unused
208/tcp AppleTalk Unused
208/udp AppleTalk Unused
209/tcp Trivial Authenticated Mail Protocol
209/udp Trivial Authenticated Mail Protocol
210/tcp ANSI Z39.50
210/udp ANSI Z39.50
211/tcp Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal
211/udp Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal 212/udp ATEXSSTR
213/tcp IPX
213/udp IPX
214/tcp VM PWSCS
214/udp VM PWSCS
215/tcp Insignia Solutions
215/udp Insignia Solutions
216/tcp Access Technology License Server
217/tcp dBASE Unix
217/udp dBASE Unix
218/tcp Netix Message Posting Protocol
218/udp Netix Message Posting Protocol
219/tcp Unisys ARPs
219/udp Unisys ARPs
220/tcp Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3
221/tcp Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth
221/udp Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth
222/tcp Berkeley rshd with SPX auth
222/udp Berkeley rshd with SPX auth
223/tcp Certificate Distribution Center
223/udp Certificate Distribution Center
243/tcp Survey Measurement
243/udp Survey Measurement
245/tcp LINK
245/udp LINK
246/tcp Display Systems Protocol 3270
246/udp Display Systems Protocol 3270
344/tcp Prospero Data Access Protocol
345/tcp Perf Analysis Workbench
345/udp Perf Analysis Workbench
346/tcp Zebra server
347/tcp Fatmen Server
348/tcp Cabletron Management Protocol
348/udp Cabletron Management Protocol
371/tcp Clearcase
371/udp Clearcase
372/tcp Unix Listserv
372/udp Unix Listserv
373/tcp Legent Corporation
373/udp Legent Corporation
374/tcp Legent Corporation
374/udp Legent Corporation
375/tcp Hassle
375/udp Hassle
376/tcp Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto
376/udp Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto
377/tcp NEC Corporation
377/udp NEC Corporation
378/tcp NEC Corporation
378/udp NEC Corporation
379/tcp TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem client
380/tcp TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server
381/tcp hp performance data collector
381/udp hp performance data collector
382/tcp hp performance data managed node
382/udp hp performance data managed node
383/tcp hp performance data alarm manager
383/udp hp performance data alarm manager
384/tcp A Remote Network Server System
384/udp A Remote Network Server System
385/tcp IBM Application
385/tcp IBM Application
386/tcp ASA Message Router Object Def.
386/udp ASA Message Router Object Def.
387/tcp Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.
387/udp Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.
388/tcp Unidata LDM Version 4
388/udp Unidata LDM Version 4
389/tcp Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
390/tcp UIS
390/udp UIS
391/tcp SynOptics SNMP Relay Port
391/udp SynOptics SNMP Relay Port
392/tcp SynOptics Port Broker Port
392/udp SynOptics Port Broker Port
393/tcp Data Interpretation System
393/udp Data Interpretation System
394/tcp EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer
394/udp EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer
395/tcp NETscout Control Protocol
395/udp NETscout Control Protocol
396/tcp Novell Netware over IP
396/udp Novell Netware over IP
397/tcp Multi Protocol Trans. Net.
397/udp Multi Protocol Trans. Net.
398/tcp Kryptolan
398/udp Kryptolan
399/tcp ISO-TSAP Class 2
399/udp ISO-TSAP Class 2
400/tcp Workstation Solutions
400/udp Workstation Solutions
401/udp Uninterruptible Power Supply
402/tcp Genie Protocol
402/udp Genie Protocol
403/tcp decap
403/udp decap
404/tcp nced
404/udp nced
405/tcp ncld
405/udp ncld
406/tcp Interactive Mail Support Protocol
406/udp Interactive Mail Support Protocol
407/tcp Timbuktu
408/tcp Prospero Resource Manager Sys. Man.
409/tcp Prospero Resource Manager Node Man.
410/udp DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol
411/tcp Remote MT Protocol
411/udp Remote MT Protocol
412/tcp Trap Convention Port
412/udp Trap Convention Port
413/tcp SMSP
413/udp SMSP
414/tcp InfoSeek
414/udp InfoSeek
415/tcp BNet
415/udp BNet
416/tcp Silverplatter
416/udp Silverplatter
417/tcp Onmux
417/udp Onmux
418/tcp Hyper-G
419/tcp Ariel
420/udp SMPTE
421/tcp Ariel
422/tcp Ariel
423/tcp IBM Operations Planning and Control Start
424/tcp IBM Operations Planning and Control Track
425/tcp ICAD
426/tcp smartsdp
426/udp smartsdp
427/tcp Server Location
427/udp Server Location
428/tcp OCS_CMU
428/udp OCS_CMU
429/tcp OCS_AMU
429/udp OCS_AMU
430/tcp UTMPSD
430/udp UTMPSD
431/tcp UTMPCD
431/udp UTMPCD
432/tcp IASD
432/udp IASD
433/tcp NNSP
433/udp NNSP
434/tcp MobileIP-Agent
435/tcp MobilIP-MN
436/tcp DNA-CML
436/udp DNA-CML
437/tcp comscm
437/udp comscm
438/tcp dsfgw
438/udp dsfgw
439/tcp dasp Thomas Obermair
439/udp dasp
440/tcp sgcp
440/udp sgcp
441/tcp decvms-sysmgt
442/tcp cvc_hostd
442/udp cvc_hostd
443/tcp https MCom
444/tcp Simple Network Paging Protocol
444/udp Simple Network Paging Protocol
445/udp Microsoft-DS
446/tcp DDM-RDB
446/udp DDM-RDB
447/tcp DDM-RFM
447/udp DDM-RFM
448/tcp DDM-BYTE
448/udp DDM-BYTE
449/tcp AS Server Mapper
449/udp AS Server Mapper
450/tcp TServer
451/tcp Cray Network Semaphore server
451/udp Cray Network Semaphore server
452/tcp Cray SFS config server
452/udp Cray SFS config server
453/tcp CreativeServer
453/udp CreativeServer
454/tcp ContentServer
454/udp ContentServer
455/tcp CreativePartnr
455/udp CreativePartnr
456/tcp macon-tcp
456/udp macon-udp
457/tcp scohelp
457/udp scohelp
458/tcp apple quick time
458/udp apple quick time
459/tcp ampr-rcmd
459/udp ampr-rcmd
460/tcp skronk
460/udp skronk
512/tcp remote process execution;
512/udp used by mail system to notify users
513/tcp remote login a la telnet;
513/udp maintains data bases showing who's
514/tcp like exec, but automatic
514/udp syslog
515/tcp spooler
517/udp talk
518/tcp ntalk
519/tcp unixtime
519/udp unixtime
520/tcp extended file name server
520/udp local routing process (on site);
525/tcp timeserver
525/udp timeserver
526/tcp newdate
526/udp newdate
530/tcp rpc
530/udp rpc
531/tcp chat
531/udp chat
532/tcp readnews
532/udp readnews
533/tcp for emergency broadcasts
533/udp for emergency broadcasts
539/tcp Apertus Technologies Load Determination
539/udp Apertus Technologies Load Determination
540/tcp uucpd
541/tcp uucp-rlogin
541/udp uucp-rlogin
543/tcp klogin
543/udp klogin
544/tcp krcmd-kshell
544/udp krcmd-kshell
545/tcp appleqtcsrvr
545/udp appleqtcsrvr
550/tcp new-who
550/udp new-who
555/tcp dsf
555/udp dsf
556/tcp rfs server
556/udp rfs server
557/tcp openvms-sysipc
557/udp openvms-sysipc
558/tcp SDNSKMP
558/udp SDNSKMP
559/tcp TEEDTAP
559/udp TEEDTAP
560/tcp rmonitord
560/udp rmonitord 561/udp monitor
562/tcp chcmd-chshell
562/udp chcmd-chshell
564/tcp plan 9 file service
564/udp plan 9 file service
565/tcp whoami
565/udp whoami
570/tcp demon-meter
570/udp demon-meter
571/tcp udemon-meter
571/udp udemon-meter
600/tcp Sun IPC server
600/udp Sun IPC server
607/tcp nqs
607/udp nqs
606/tcp Cray Unified Resource Manager
606/udp Cray Unified Resource Manager
608/tcp Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
609/tcp npmp-trap
609/udp npmp-trap
610/tcp npmp-local
610/udp npmp-local
611/tcp npmp-gui
611/udp npmp-gui
634/tcp ginad
634/udp ginad
666/tcp mdqs
666/udp mdqs
666/tcp doom Id Software
704/tcp errlog copy/server daemon
704/udp errlog copy/server daemon
709/tcp EntrustManager
729/tcp IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client
729/udp IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client
730/tcp IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp
730/udp IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp
731/tcp IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp
731/udp IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp
741/tcp netGW
741/udp netGW
742/tcp Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.
742/udp Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.
744/tcp Flexible License Manager
744/udp Flexible License Manager
747/tcp Fujitsu Device Control
747/udp Fujitsu Device Control
748/tcp Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager
748/udp Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager
749/tcp kerberos administration
750/tcp rfile
750/udp loadav
751/tcp pump
751/udp pump 752/udp qrh
753/tcp rrh
753/udp rrh
754/tcp tell-send
754/udp tell-send
758/tcp nlogin
758/udp nlogin
759/tcp con
759/udp con
760/tcp ns
760/udp ns
761/tcp rxe
761/udp rxe
762/tcp quotad
762/udp quotad
763/tcp cycleserv
763/udp cycleserv
764/tcp omserv
764/udp omserv
765/tcp webster
765/udp webster
767/tcp phonebook
767/udp phonebook
769/tcp vid
769/udp vid
770/tcp cadlock
770/udp cadlock
771/tcp rtip
771/udp rtip
772/tcp cycleserv2
772/udp cycleserv2
773/tcp submit
773/udp notify
774/tcp rpassword
774/udp acmaint_dbd
775/tcp entomb
775/udp acmaint_transd
776/tcp wpages
776/udp wpages
780/tcp wpgs
780/udp wpgs
786/tcp Concert
786/udp Concert
800/tcp mdbs_daemon
800/udp mdbs_daemon
801/tcp device
801/udp device
888/tcp AccessBuilder
888/udp AccessBuilder
996/tcp Central Point Software-xtreelic
996/udp Central Point Software-xtreelic
997/tcp maitrd
997/udp maitrd
998/tcp busboy
998/udp puparp
999/tcp garcon
999/udp Applix ac
999/tcp puprouter
999/udp puprouter
1000/tcp cadlock
1000/udp cadlock
1023/tcp Reserved
1024/udp Reserved
Registered Port Assignments:
1024/tcp Reserved

1024/udp Reserved

1025/tcp network blackjack

1025/udp network blackjack

1030/tcp BBN IAD

1030/udp BBN IAD

1031/tcp BBN IAD

1031/udp BBN IAD

1032/tcp BBN IAD

1032/udp BBN IAD

1058/tcp nim

1058/udp nim

1059/tcp nimreg

1059/udp nimreg

1067/tcp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.

1067/udp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.

1068/tcp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.

1068/udp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.

1080/tcp Socks

1080/udp Socks

1083/tcp Anasoft License Manager

1083/udp Anasoft License Manager

1084/tcp Anasoft License Manager

1084/udp Anasoft License Manager

1110/tcp Cluster status info

1110/udp Client status info-nfsd-keepalive

1155/tcp Network File Access

1155/udp Network File Access

1212/tcp lupa

1212/udp lupa

1222/tcp SNI R&D network

1222/udp SNI R&D network

1248/tcp hermes

1248/udp hermes

1346/tcp Alta Analytics License Manager

1346/udp Alta Analytics License Manager

1347/tcp multi media conferencing

1347/udp multi media conferencing

1348/tcp multi media conferencing

1348/udp multi media conferencing

1349/tcp Registration Network Protocol-sbook

1349/udp Registration Network Protocol-sbook

1350/tcp Registration Network Protocol-editbench

1350/udp Registration Network Protocol-editbench

1351/tcp Digital Tool Works (MIT)-equationbuilder

1351/udp Digital Tool Works (MIT)-equationbuilder

1352/tcp Lotus Note

1353/tcp Relief Consulting

1353/udp Relief Consulting

1354/tcp RightBrain Software

1354/udp RightBrain Software

1355/tcp Intuitive Edge

1355/udp Intuitive Edge

1356/tcp CuillaMartin Company

1356/udp CuillaMartin Company

1357/tcp Electronic PegBoard

1357/udp Electronic PegBoard

1358/tcp CONNLCLI

1358/udp CONNLCLI

1359/tcp FTSRV

1359/udp FTSRV

1360/tcp MIMER

1360/udp MIMER

1361/tcp LinX

1361/udp LinX

1362/tcp TimeFlies

1362/udp TimeFlies

1363/tcp Network DataMover Requester-ndm-requester

1363/udp Network DataMover Requester-ndm-requester

1364/tcp Network DataMover Server-ndm-server

1364/udp Network DataMover Server-ndm-server

1365/tcp Network Software Associates-sna

1365/udp Network Software Associates-sna

1366/tcp Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform

1366/udp Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform

1367/tcp DCS

1367/udp DCS

1368/tcp ScreenCast

1368/udp ScreenCast

1369/tcp GlobalView to Unix Shell

1369/udp GlobalView to Unix Shell

1370/tcp Unix Shell to GlobalView

1370/udp Unix Shell to GlobalView

1371/tcp Fujitsu Config Protocol

1371/udp Fujitsu Config Protocol

1372/tcp Fujitsu Config Protocol

1372/udp Fujitsu Config Protocol

1373/tcp Chromagrafx

1373/udp Chromagrafx

1374/tcp EPI Software Systems-molly

1374/udp EPI Software Systems-molly

1375/tcp Bytex

1375/udp Bytex

1376/tcp IBM Person to Person Software

1376/udp IBM Person to Person Software

1377/tcp Cichlid License Manager

1377/udp Cichlid License Manager

1378/tcp Elan License Manager

1379/tcp Integrity Solutions-dbreporter

1379/udp Integrity Solutions-dbreporter

1380/tcp Telesis Network License Manager

1380/udp Telesis Network License Manager

1381/tcp Apple Network License Manager

1381/udp Apple Network License Manager

1382/tcp udt_os

1382/udp udt_os

1383/tcp GW Hannaway Network License Manager

1383/udp GW Hannaway Network License Manager

1384/tcp Objective Solutions License Manager

1384/udp Objective Solutions License Manager

1385/tcp Atex Publishing License Manager

1385/udp Atex Publishing License Manager

1386/tcp CheckSum License Manager

1386/udp CheckSum License Manager

1387/tcp Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM

1387/udp Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM

1388/tcp Objective Solutions DataBase Cache

1388/udp Objective Solutions DataBase Cache

1389/tcp Document Manager-iclpv-dm

1389/udp Document Manager-iclpv-dm

1390/tcp Storage Controller-iclpv-sc

1390/udp Storage Controller-iclpv-sc

1391/tcp Storage Access Server-iclpv-sas

1391/udp Storage Access Server-iclpv-sas

1392/tcp Print Manager-iclpv-pm

1392/udp Print Manager-iclpv-pm

1393/tcp Network Log Server-iclpv-nls

1393/udp Network Log Server-iclpv-nls

1394/tcp Network Log Client-iclpv-nlc

1394/udp Network Log Client-iclpv-nlc

1395/tcp PC Workstation Manager software-iclpv-wsm

1395/udp PC Workstation Manager software-iclpv-wsm

1396/tcp DVL Active Mail

1396/udp DVL Active Mail

1397/tcp Audio Active Mail

1397/udp Audio Active Mail

1398/tcp Video Active Mail

1398/udp Video Active Mail

1399/tcp Cadkey License Manager

1399/udp Cadkey License Manager

1400/tcp Cadkey Tablet Daemon

1400/udp Cadkey Tablet Daemon

1401/tcp Goldleaf License Manager

1401/udp Goldleaf License Manager

1402/tcp Prospero Resource Manager

1403/tcp Prospero Resource Manager

1404/tcp Infinite Graphics License Manager

1404/udp Infinite Graphics License Manager

1405/tcp IBM Remote Execution Starter

1405/udp IBM Remote Execution Starter

1406/tcp NetLabs License Manager

1406/udp NetLabs License Manager

1407/tcp DBSA License Manager

1407/udp DBSA License Manager

1408/tcp Sophia License Manager

1408/udp Sophia License Manager

1409/tcp Here License Manager

1409/udp Here License Manager

1410/tcp HiQ License Manager

1410/udp HiQ License Manager

1411/tcp AudioFile

1411/udp AudioFile

1412/tcp InnoSys

1412/udp InnoSys

1413/tcp Innosys-ACL

1413/udp Innosys-ACL

1414/tcp IBM MQSeries

1414/udp IBM MQSeries

1415/tcp DBStar

1415/udp DBStar

1416/tcp Novell LU6.2

1416/udp Novell LU6.2

1417/tcp Timbuktu Service 1 Port

1418/tcp Timbuktu Service 2 Port

1419/tcp Timbuktu Service 3 Port

1420/tcp Timbuktu Service 4 Port

1421/tcp Gandalf License Manager

1421/udp Gandalf License Manager

1422/tcp Autodesk License Manager

1422/udp Autodesk License Manager

1423/tcp Essbase Arbor Software

1423/udp Essbase Arbor Software

1424/tcp Hybrid Encryption Protocol

1424/udp Hybrid Encryption Protocol

1425/tcp Zion Software License Manager

1425/udp Zion Software License Manager

1426/tcp Satellite-data Acquisition System 1

1426/udp Satellite-data Acquisition System 1

1427/tcp mloadd monitoring tool

1427/udp mloadd monitoring tool

1428/tcp Informatik License Manager

1428/udp Informatik License Manager

1429/tcp Hypercom NMS

1429/udp Hypercom NMS

1430/tcp Hypercom TPDU

1430/udp Hypercom TPDU

1431/tcp Reverse Gossip Transport

1431/udp Reverse Gossip Transport

1432/tcp Blueberry Software License Manager

1432/udp Blueberry Software License Manager

1433/tcp Microsoft-SQL-Server

1434/tcp Microsoft-SQL-Monitor

1434/udp Microsoft-SQL-Monitor

1435/tcp IBM CISC

1435/udp IBM CISC

1436/tcp Satellite-data Acquisition System 2

1436/udp Satellite-data Acquisition System 2

1437/tcp Tabula

1437/udp Tabula

1438/tcp Eicon Security Agent/Server

1438/udp Eicon Security Agent/Server

1439/tcp Eicon X25/SNA Gateway

1439/udp Eicon X25/SNA Gateway

1440/tcp Eicon Service Location Protocol

1440/udp Eicon Service Location Protocol

1441/tcp Cadis License Management

1441/udp Cadis License Management

1442/tcp Cadis License Management

1442/udp Cadis License Management

1443/tcp Integrated Engineering Software

1443/udp Integrated Engineering Software

1444/tcp Marcam License Management

1444/udp Marcam License Management

1445/tcp Proxima License Manager

1445/udp Proxima License Manager

1446/tcp Optical Research Associates License Manager

1446/udp Optical Research Associates License Manager

1447/tcp Applied Parallel Research LM

1447/udp Applied Parallel Research LM

1448/tcp OpenConnect License Manager

1448/udp OpenConnect License Manager

1449/tcp PEport

1449/udp PEport

1450/tcp Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility

1450/udp Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility

1451/tcp IBM Information Management

1451/udp IBM Information Management

1452/tcp GTE Government Systems License Man

1452/udp GTE Government Systems License Man

1453/tcp Genie License Manager

1453/udp Genie License Manager

1454/tcp interHDL License Manager

1454/tcp interHDL License Manager

1455/tcp ESL License Manager

1455/udp ESL License Manager

1456/tcp DCA

1456/udp DCA

1457/tcp Valisys License Manager

1457/udp Valisys License Manager

1458/tcp Nichols Research Corp.

1458/udp Nichols Research Corp.

1459/tcp Proshare Notebook Application

1459/udp Proshare Notebook Application

1460/tcp Proshare Notebook Application

1460/udp Proshare Notebook Application

1461/tcp IBM Wireless LAN

1461/udp IBM Wireless LAN

1462/tcp World License Manager

1462/udp World License Manager

1463/tcp Nucleus

1463/udp Nucleus

1464/tcp MSL License Manager

1464/udp MSL License Manager

1465/tcp Pipes Platform

1465/udp Pipes Platform

1466/tcp Ocean Software License Manager

1466/udp Ocean Software License Manager

1467/tcp CSDMBASE

1467/udp CSDMBASE

1468/tcp CSDM

1468/udp CSDM

1469/tcp Active Analysis Limited License Manager

1469/udp Active Analysis Limited License Manager

1470/tcp Universal Analytics

1470/udp Universal Analytics

1471/tcp csdmbase

1471/udp csdmbase

1472/tcp csdm

1472/udp csdm

1473/tcp OpenMath

1473/udp OpenMath

1474/tcp Telefinder

1474/udp Telefinder

1475/tcp Taligent License Manager

1475/udp Taligent License Manager

1476/tcp clvm-cfg

1476/udp clvm-cfg

1477/tcp ms-sna-server

1478/tcp ms-sna-base

1478/udp ms-sna-base

1479/tcp dberegister

1479/udp dberegister

1480/tcp PacerForum

1480/udp PacerForum

1481/tcp AIRS

1481/udp AIRS

1482/tcp Miteksys License Manager

1482/udp Miteksys License Manager

1483/tcp AFS License Manager

1483/udp AFS License Manager

1484/tcp Confluent License Manager

1484/udp Confluent License Manager

1485/tcp LANSource

1485/udp LANSource

1486/tcp nms_topo_serv

1486/udp nms_topo_serv

1487/tcp LocalInfoSrvr

1487/udp LocalInfoSrvr

1488/tcp DocStor

1488/udp DocStor

1489/tcp dmdocbroker

1489/udp dmdocbroker

1490/tcp insitu-conf

1490/udp insitu-conf

1491/tcp anynetgateway

1491/udp anynetgateway

1492/tcp stone-design-1

1492/udp stone-design-1

1493/tcp netmap_lm

1493/udp netmap_lm

1494/tcp ica

1494/udp ica

1495/tcp cvc

1495/udp cvc

1496/tcp liberty-lm

1496/udp liberty-lm

1497/tcp rfx-lm

1497/udp rfx-lm

1498/tcp Watcom-SQL

1498/udp Watcom-SQL

1499/tcp Federico Heinz Consultora

1499/udp Federico Heinz Consultora

1500/tcp VLSI License Manager

1500/udp VLSI License Manager

1501/tcp Satellite-data Acquisition System 3

1501/udp Satellite-data Acquisition System 3

1502/tcp Shiva-shivadiscovery

1502/udp Shiva-shivadiscovery

1503/tcp Databeam

1503/udp Databeam

1504/tcp EVB Software Engineering License Manager

1504/udp EVB Software Engineering License Manager

1505/tcp Funk Software, Inc.-funkproxy

1505/udp Funk Software, Inc.-funkproxy

1506/tcp Universal Time daemon (utcd)

1506/udp Universal Time daemon (utcd)

1507/tcp symplex

1507/udp symplex

1508/tcp diagmond

1508/udp diagmond

1509/tcp Robcad, Ltd. License Manager

1509/udp Robcad, Ltd. License Manager

1510/tcp Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man.

1510/udp Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man.

1511/tcp 3l-l1

1511/udp 3l-l1

1512/tcp Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service

1512/udp Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service

1513/tcp Fujitsu DTC

1513/udp Fujitsu DTC

1514/tcp Fujitsu DTCNS

1514/udp Fujitsu DTCNS

1515/tcp ifor-protocol

1515/udp ifor-protocol

1516/tcp Virtual Places Audio data

1516/udp Virtual Places Audio data

1517/tcp Virtual Places Audio control

1517/udp Virtual Places Audio control

1518/tcp Virtual Places Video data

1518/udp Virtual Places Video data

1519/tcp Virtual Places Video control

1519/udp Virtual Places Video control

1520/tcp atm zip office

1520/udp atm zip office

1521/tcp nCube License Manager

1521/udp nCube License Manager

1522/tcp Ricardo North America License Manager

1522/udp Ricardo North America License Manager

1523/tcp cichild

1523/udp cichild

1524/tcp ingres

1524/udp ingres

1525/tcp oracle-orasrv

1525/udp oracle-orasrv

1525/tcp Prospero Directory Service non-priv

1526/tcp Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv

1527/tcp oracle-tlisrv

1527/udp oracle-tlisrv

1528/tcp mciautoreg

1528/udp mciautoreg

1529/tcp oracle-coauthor

1529/udp oracle-coauthor

1530/tcp rap-service

1530/udp rap-service

1531/tcp rap-listen

1531/udp rap-listen

1532/tcp miroconnect

1532/udp miroconnect

1533/tcp Virtual Places Software

1533/udp Virtual Places Software

1534/tcp micromuse-lm

1534/udp micromuse-lm

1535/tcp ampr-info

1535/udp ampr-info

1536/tcp ampr-inter

1536/udp ampr-inter

1537/tcp isi-lm

1537/udp isi-lm

1538/tcp 3ds-lm

1538/udp 3ds-lm

1539/tcp Intellistor License Manager

1539/udp Intellistor License Manager

1540/tcp rds

1540/udp rds

1541/tcp PortMaster for SSL

1541/tcp rds2

1541/udp rds2

1542/tcp gridgen-elmd

1542/udp gridgen-elmd

1543/tcp simba-cs

1543/udp simba-cs

1544/tcp aspeclmd

1544/udp aspeclmd

1545/tcp vistium-share

1545/udp vistium-share

1600/tcp issd

1600/udp issd

1650/tcp nkd

1650/udp nkd

1651/tcp shiva_confsrvr

1651/udp shiva_confsrvr

1652/tcp xnmp

1652/udp xnmp

1661/tcp netview-aix-1

1661/udp netview-aix-1

1662/tcp netview-aix-2

1662/udp netview-aix-2

1663/tcp netview-aix-3

1663/udp netview-aix-3

1664/tcp netview-aix-4

1664/udp netview-aix-4

1665/tcp netview-aix-5

1665/udp netview-aix-5

1666/tcp netview-aix-6

1666/udp netview-aix-6

1667/tcp netview-aix-7

1667/udp netview-aix-7

1668/tcp netview-aix-8

1668/udp netview-aix-8

1669/tcp netview-aix-9

1669/udp netview-aix-9

1670/tcp netview-aix-10

1670/udp netview-aix-10

1671/tcp netview-aix-11

1671/udp netview-aix-11

1672/tcp netview-aix-12

1672/udp netview-aix-12

1986/tcp cisco license management

1986/udp cisco license management

1987/tcp cis

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