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Information about Russian Government Scholarship

The Government of Russia renders an opportunity for Thai students to start or continue their education in russian higher education institutions. 40 state scholarships are available for applicants every year, including 33 scholarships for full professional education and 7 scholarships for postgraduate studies:

Full Professional Education Programs:

Bachelors degree program ( 4-year term);

Masters degree program (2-year term);

Certificated specialists program (5-year term), which is similar to Bachelors degree programs and Masters degree programs taken together .

Postgraduate Education Programs:

Ph.D.(3-year term);

Doctoral studies - Dr.(2-year term)

Training courses (6 months courses for foreign students or teachers who are graduated from Russian institutes or universities).

Thai applicants should speak Russian or English fluently. Those students who can not speak Russian will study the Russian language during the first year before they start studing their main courses.

The list of specialities, available for Thai students is very wide and consists of more than 100 different alternatives in science and humanities. Number of scholarships for some professions is limited: Law - 1 person, Political Science - 1 person, Medical science - 3 person. Culture & Art professions and International Relations are taught only on a private contract basis. Number of scholarships for other professions is not limited. The full list of specialities is published at the Russian Embassy in Thailand web-site (//www.thailand.mid.ru/schola.html).


Thai candidates for government scholarship must have grades for major subjects not less then 80% from maximum level (minimum GPA level of 3.5 out of 4 is required). Grades for other subjects should be above average.

The period between graduation from high school or other secondary education institution and entering a Russian higher education institution shouldnt be more than 3 years. It is also desirable that candidates should not be older than 25 years. Thai candidates for postgraduate studies should have a Master degree, seniority by speciality and shouldnt be older than 35 years.


Application Form (can be obtained at the Russian Embassy);

Diploma and Transcript, indicating all the subjects studied with examination marks (translated officially into English);

Medical report with HIV and AIDS tests ;

Copy of Birth Certificate (in Thai language and officially translated into English);

Copy ID card (in Thai language and officially translated into English);

Copy of foreign passport (with the Date of expiry not less than 1,5 years on the date the student is applying for a visa);

Eight 2-inch photos.

All copies of documents should be legally certified (officially stamped) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand). Medical report should be certified by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand.

Candidates for postgraduate studies should additionally present:

1. Legally certified (stamped) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand copy of higher education certificate of Master degree level indicating the subjects studied and grades received,

2. List of published scientific works (if any),

3. Essay on the thesis of future studies (not more than 2 pages). For graduates of Soviet and Russian higher education institutions the essay must be in Russian.


Thai applicants should complete all the documents by the 1-st of May. After that, these papers are to be send to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia where the Entrance Examination Commission will choose students, who will get the Russian governmental scholarship for the year according to current terms and conditions. The city and the institute for the candidate is determined by the Russian Party in accordance with existing quotas. In the middle of July or beginning of August the Embassy will officialy announce the information about what students have got the scholarship.

The students of bachelor, master and preparatory courses should arrive to Russia between September 1-15, of postgraduate (PH.D.), doctoral studies (Dr.) and training courses before December 1.


The Russian Party renders following financial assistance for Thai students:

Payment of monthly allowance Thai students receive the same some of money like russian students (about 800 Bat per month for Bachelors degree and Masters degree students, and about 1800 Bat per month for post-graduate students);

Russian governmental scholarship covers all the expenses concerned with the education, except general hostel accomodation (Thai students should pay for their accommodation the same sum of money like Russian students - about 150 US dollars per month), policy of obligatory medical insurance (about 200 US dollars per year) and transportation to the place of study in Russia and back after the completion of study.

Receiving the entrance visa the candidate can get all the information about financial conditions of living in Russia.




The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Thailand
78 Sap Road, Surawongse, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
tel: 02-234-98-24,
fax: 02-237-84-88
e-mail: rusembbangkok@rambler.ru


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