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15 มีนาคม 2553
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How to cast on.

How to cast on with 2 needles that i used all-time.
1:Make a slip-knot and put it onto the left needle. Put the right needle into the loop so that it passes under the left like this.

2: Pass the yarn between the needle and take the yarn through the first loop with the right needle like this.

3: Then pass the second loop from the right needle to the left like this.

4: Repeat by putting the right needle into the last stitch on the left needle until you have made the required number of this.


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My name Nim i live in Sydney i'm mum to 3 beautiful kids i love to do craft and Rebornning. My part time jop is to Rebornning doll to look realistic like baby and knit,crochet,cross-stitch,mosaic, anyting to do with craft.
I have my website here for free pattern by me. And another Website for business .
Feel free to have a peek.
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