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ธันวาคม 2549
3 ธันวาคม 2549
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Who know me? Who can remember me? Plzzz Com ^_^

Sawas Dee ka...^_^

You know you are a wonderful person!! Thank you to being what you are ^_^

How are you doing ka? I miss all friend in bloggang but I am so very busy for long long time

coz I have to move to US,that why I didn't come here (Bloggang) for long long time

but you know all of your nice friendship that you give to me is always with my all long journey

until now, it's the most value thing in this world ''Friendship''

Your kindness & good mind make me strong like now ^_____^

Wish all the best thing you want come to you!!

Happy with your every day na ka...

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แค่เห็นภาพก็หนาวแย้วววค่า อิอิ
นางแบบน่ารักนะ ^^


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