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พฤษภาคม 2550
16 พฤษภาคม 2550
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สวนสนุกแสนสนุก (แบบราคาย่อมๆ)

I sposed to study today but I was way too lazy to read even a cover page. I went to the mall with my family. And then headed to the Fair nearby.

I promised my niece that i will take her there (I hurt her both arms from twisting them) and yes I keep the promise.

We did so many things together this evening but first of all things, I told her I had only a hunred baht with me. So we had to spend wisely. Lets see what did we do to have fun with that much money.

First activity was painting the clay model. She loved it so much, she picked the cake and started painting without hesitation while I was looking for a very plain ones so I didnt have to work on so many details. So at the first stop we spent only 20 bahts plus 2 masterpieces to take home

The 2nd stop was Dart game. I had to break the ballon 5 times in a row ( pretty much like all the dart i had for a turn) so I will win the prize. But seemed like i didnt have any luck tonite. I attempted 2 times and later on, I gave up. So what he had from there were a bag of rubber bands n chips.

Suddenly my niece saw tons of teddy hanging from the roof, so she dragged me there. I bought 8 tickets for 20 bahts. We got the random numbers on our tickets. So the deal was, we gotta the prize who tagged our numbers. Do you believe that we got nothing from the Teddyland?! I am still wondering untill now!!!

Untill now, we had 20 bahts left. The next booth caught my niece eyes so much. She asked me to try that one. Oh well, that was my last 20 bahts and we didnt need any money for going back home. So yep, we gave it a shot. I wasnt sure about the name of this game. But I called it Eggs Grabber cuz I think it suited this game the most. And as a tradition, we didnt win any prize again.

And these were a 100 baht fun with my niece that is priceless for me.


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