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Shark ION Robot R75 series: Great performance robotic vacuums to buy at an affordable price
Shark ION Robot R75 series: Great performance robotic vacuums to buy at an affordable price

Robotic vacuum cleaners have been growing in popularity across the globe. Although robot vacuum cleaners cannot replace traditional vacuum cleaners, they can effectively reduce your daily cleaning workload. They ensure your house floors are clean and tidy every time you come back home. 

Shark is not a well-known name in the market of robot vacuum cleaners but it has always been a well-respected brand in standard vacuum machines. Shark has entered this niche but its products have proven to be as good as many pioneer robotic vacuum brands on the market. 

Shark sells four different series of robot vacuums and the R75 series or more specifically the RV750 is the best option if you are a newbie in the robotic vacuum world.

The Shark ION Robot RV750 is the base model of Shark’s newest robotic vacuum lineup but it combines sophisticated features of most high-end robot vacuums.

What makes this review trustworthy?

What is Good About the Shark ION Robot 750 Vacuum?

This article is posted by TheKingLive team which always tries its best to share the truth about products on the market. At TheKingLive, you can find all essential information including the good, the bad and the ugly about a product. Our aim is to provide consumers  the “panorama” of a product before they make their purchase decision!

Smart Navigation, Tri-bush cleaning, and Smartphone controls are the three iconic technologies on this model. They are the key factors to make the machine perform smoothly and more efficiently than its previous model.

In my point of view, what I appreciate most about this model is its reasonable price that makes robotic vacuums more accessible to consumers. This model is especially suitable for people who have tight budgets but require a good performance and a durable machine.

In short, the model is a good balance of budget and cleaning functionality.

Surely, the Shark ION Robot 750 robotic vacuum is a great choice but to know exactly whether it suits your personal needs, please read on to discover more details in one of the Shark Ion Robot reviews below.

Shark ION Robot RV750 - Key features and Strengths

Tri-brush system – Improved cleaning performance

The three brushes have raised the suction power of the machine to perform efficiently in the most challenging cleaning tasks. This feature has made this robot vacuum model stand out from many products from competitors.

Two spinning brushes are in charge of collecting dust and debris from the front. A strong suction power helps these two brushes to remove all dirt in hard-to-reach corners.

Simultaneously, the channel brush drives the dust and dirt the rolling brush and then to the vacuum. Moreover, the multi-purpose brush plays an important role to let the robot vacuum work smoothly on various types of floors, including thick carpets and hard floors.

1. Smart Sensor Navigation – Comfortable Navigation through your house

One of the major issues of most robotic vacuum cleaners is their navigation feature. A good robot vacuum should be the one that can move around your house without bumping into furniture. Shark’s experts have understood the consumer concerns and have successfully fixed the problem.

The machine includes a system of multiple smart sensors that allows it to create a satisfying and effective cleaning result.

There are two types of sensors in this vacuum model.

Proximity sensors study the surroundings of the vacuum to plot the best routes that can help the machine to avoid any collisions while ensuring the best cleaning performance.

Cliff sensors are the ones that detect ledges and stairs and automatically adjust directions to prevent any possible damage to the vacuum. Now, you can just sit and relax to wait for the robot to clean your house.

2. Wifi connected control – Flexible control options

Old models of robotic vacuum cleaners offer limited control options via a remote control that requires you more effort to operate them.

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum R75 with Wi-fi (RV750) provides smarter options for consumers to set up and control the machine via the SharkClean app. It means that whenever and wherever you are connected to Wi-fi, just open the app and operate the machine remotely. You can set up a daily or weekly schedule for the machine, so you are worry-free about cleaning tasks. 

Furthermore, the Shark ION Robot™ 750 connected robotic vacuum offers voice command via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

How to operate the vacuum when the Wi-Fi connection interrupted? Don’t worry, the machine is sophisticated but can still be controlled manually. You can find a power button on the machine.

3. Lithium-Ion Battery – Long Runtime up to 90 minutes

Another common concern about robotic vacuums is their operating time. The lack of run time will force the vacuum to stop cleaning and be back to the charging station. Your house will still be untidy but the machine will be out of charge.

The Shark ION robot RV750 uses a lithium-Ion battery which prolongs the running time up to 90 minutes. This is great for cleaning large apartments and houses.

The self-charging feature is very convenient where you do not need to care about battery level as the vacuum returns to the charging dock when low battery condition is detected.

Last but not least, this vacuum model can work properly and consistently for thousands of hours before you need to replace it.

Lastly, you should know whether the product you are considering requires a lot of effort for maintenance. Proper maintenance is the key factor to increase the durability of a product.
  • Rolling brushes: although they are self-cleaning brushes you should try to check for entangled long hair and pet hair.
  • Dust canister: It is recommended to empty the dust bin after each use.
  • Dust filter: the filter is required to be clean thoroughly weekly but don’t wash it. You are advised to replace it every 2-3 months.

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To Sum Up

You may find many Shark ION Robot R75 reviews online but I hope this article can be a useful reference for you. As you can see obviously, this model from Shark beats other robotic vacuum cleaners, even high-end products as iRobot Roomba. 

Its current price is only around $120.00 but you will get all functionalities of the most expensive robot vacuums. If you are looking for your first robot vacuum, I strongly recommend you start with this model. It serves as an alternative to the iRobot Roomba if you do not want to break the bank.

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