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    Naruto 459 ナルト NARUTO 459 spoiler PREDICTION

    Naruto 459 ナルト NARUTO 459 spoiler PREDICTION <

    Naruto 459 ナルト NARUTO 459 spoiler PREDICTION <
    (The Room is in uproar with the comming decision of the Lord of the Iron.)
    Konoha! This damn meeting came about because of Konohas Hokage was weak-kneed and listened to the helplessness of a pathetic child. Now that missing-nin kidnapped my brother, the real chance we had against Akatuski. I dont trust you or your damned Host, yelled Raikage.
    Although, I hate to agree with Raikage for once, how do we know Konohas host is up for the challenge. From what I was told, hes only a kid and no kid could have the potential to master a monstrocity such as the Kyuubi, said Tsuchikage.
    Hey Gaara. Isnt that Naruto kid the host their talking about, asked Kankuro. Yeah, I remember Gaara saying Akatuski was after him to, said Temari. Naruto huh. I think he has what it takes, said Gaara. I dont think that will convince them though, said Kankuro.
    You guys know of this host, asked Mizukage. Yes. He helped save me from Akatuski. He also stopped me from going on a rampage three years ago. I have faith in his ability, said Gaara. Im not trusting the words of a child, one who fell victim to his own bijuu, said Tsuchikage.
    Naruto. You dont mean that pathetic excuse for a shinobi that sobbed like a wimp. That kid doesnt have what it takes to be a shinobi, said Raikage.
    Youve met Uzumaki Naruto, said Danzou. Yeah, that punk approached me and tried to convince me in forgiving Uchiha Sasuke, said Raikage. So, Sai failed me. Anyway, he was only acting that way because of Sasuke. After all, they were very close. If his opponent is Akatuski, I have faith in his ability, said Danzou.
    How, give me proof said, Raikage. Uzumaki Naruto has grown into a fine shinobi under the training of Hatake Kakashi and the Sannin, the Legendary Toad Sage Jiraiya, said Danzou. Jiraiya hes dead, I heard Akatuski got em, said Raikage. Another legend bites the dust. First it was Orochimaru, said Tsuchikage.
    That was from Uchiha Sasuke, he wasnt part of Akatuski than from my sources, said Danzou. It seems Sasuke has become dark and followed the course that darkened his eyes, said Gaara.
    Jiraiya lost his life to Madaras most trusted man, Pain. A man that carried the legendary dojutsu, Rinnegan, said Danzou. A bloodline such as that actually exists. Makes for an interesting specimen. It is no wonder that even the great Jiraiya died, said Raikage.
    Pain was undefeated. We, Root, studied his movements and Akatuski for years. No one was able to defeat him. Except for Naruto, said Danzou.
    WHAT, yelled Raikage. Impossible, against the Legendary dojutsu that shaped shinobi techniques, said Tsuchikage. Naruto. How strong have you gotten, said Gaara. This kid must be no joke to defeat something like that, said Mizukage.
    He has become a Sage just like Jiraiya and is without of a doubt a hero in our village. When Pain came to our village, he reduced it to rubble, but he alone toppled Pain and with that strength, I believe we can put an end to Akatuski. He transformed into the 8 tails, but managed to reverse back. Whether that had something to do with his seal is unknown, but surely Kakashi and Yamato an inheirtor of the 1st Hokages genes are able to work something out so we can control Naruto. He is also the son of the feared Yellowflash, said Danzou.
    (Tsuchikage punches the table as well.)
    You dont mean THE YELLOW FLASH OF KONOHA, said Tsuchikage. The very same. The same man that reduced your troops into mush during the 3rd shinobi war. He was the former 4th Hokage and he sealed the 9 tails within his son to face Madara. It seems he saw things our way, said Danzou.
    Namikaze Minato . Even Ive heared of him, said Raikage.
    It seems the Hokage has caught everyones attention. We will aid as much as you can. We strike in two years time. Use that to gather your forces.. From what Ive heard, Akatuski has military strength that rivals multiple nations. Over the years of disarmament, theyve been getting stronger, but with the time we have, and the aid of the 5 great nations, 2 years will be enough. It has been several years over a decade since the last shinobi war since Madara has been gathering men, but like I said earlier, we have 5 nations. We can divide the time amongst us appropriately. My samurai will also be preparing for the battle, said, Mifune.
    Hmm. TO think Id be relying on those Konoha fools again. Hmph, makes me sick to my stomach, said Raikage.
    (Danzou thinks in his head.)
    Finally the time has arised. Konoha will rise again as the most prestigious nation. And we have a long grueling war for Konoha to gain experience in. Naruto, you will play out your allotted part, said Danzou.
    (Zetsus face pulls back in.)
    (Switch Scene to Falcon.)
    So basically thats what is going down, said Light Zetsu. Damn. Akatuski is sure getting to be a hot place. I dont know if I want to stick around longer, said Suigetsu. What should we do Sasuke? Should we wait out the two years or strike soon. If Madara is a strong as they say, we could put up a chance a strike Danzou during the conflict, said Karin.
    It is up to you Sasuke, said Juugo. Ill wait out the two years. If Madara is as strong as they say and his army is so massive. Destroying Danzou and Konoha may go hand in hand, said Sasuke.
    This Naruto guy sounds like the real deal. Well need time to prepare definately, said Suigetsu. Hmm. Hes just an obstancle in my way. Ill cross him as I did Orochimaru, said Sasuke.
    Next Chapter: The preparations for War on Akatuski. How will Naruto respond to this? By special one
    Sakura dashes off to find Naruto upon hearing that hes returned to the village. She runs over to him crying punches him in the face. Naruto goes flying & brakes his fall along with a tree with his back. Sakura then jumps on top of him punching him in the face(without much force) while crying.
    Sakura: Do you want to die?!? Is this what you want?!? What the hell is wrong with you letting someone beat you up for Sasukes sake!!! You could have been killed!!!
    Sakura stops punching him & plants both of her hands on the ground beside Narutos shoulders.
    Sakura: Enough is enough Naruto You dont have to protect Sasuke anymore Sasuke has made his chose & should be held responsible for his own actions Youve done enough Naruto Hes caused you too much pain Just please promise me that if it comes down to it youll be willing to k-kill Sasuke. Dont dont give up your life for his or my sake!!!
    Naruto: Sakura I cant make that promise
    Sakura: If you hold back against Sasuke he could very well kill you dont you realize that?!?
    Naruto: I know but I cant brake my prom..
    Sakura: Forget about that stupid promise!!! Your life is more precious to me then Sasukes safety!!!
    Narutos eyes light up
    Naruto: Sakura
    Sakura stops crying & smiles. Sakura then French kisses Naruto. Sakura then helps Naruto off the floor.
    Sakura: I was I was acting selfish when I asked that of you Even if you did force Sasuke to comeback what is going to make him stay? So please just promise me that you wont throw your life away for him
    Naruto: I wont kill Sasuke even if it cost me my life. Its more than just a simple promise. The prevy Sage had faith in me. He believed that I could accomplish what he was never able to. Even Pain no even Nagato put his trust in me. If I were to kill Sasuke now it would only prove that I am unable to find that answer. It would make Jiraiya & Nagatos sacrifice meaningless & only continue the cycle of hatred. I think I think if I save Sasuke I mite be able to figure out how to create true peace.
    Sakura: Naruto I just dont want to see you get hurt
    Naruto: I know Sakura & thank you You know I finally feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
    Sakura: Im sorry I put that burden on you Naruto
    Naruto: Hehehe not the promise Sakura. Thanks to you 1 of 3 things Jiraiya was never able to accomplish I obtained!
    Sakura: Really what is that?
    Naruto: Well the first one is Jiraiya was never able to save Orochimaru. The second one is Jiraiya was never able to find the answer to peace. & the third one is Jiraiya never got to hook up with Tsunade!!!
    Sakuras face lights up in an angry rage as she punches him in the face.
    Sakura: Youre such a perv!!! You never change do you!!! OOOO you make me sad made at times!!! Geance
    The End

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