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Happy Valentine's Day to all
Honestly, each year I haven't done anything much for the Valentine's Day . Since some of my FB friends have tagged pictures of roses and give me Valentine's Day's messages, I think I should reply them and here wish everyone of you too a Happy Valentine's Day.

Basically, I think it's not a day to only cerebrate with your lovers, but to show your pals and love buddies with beautiful love wishes as well. I am sure you will enjoy wishing them Happy Valentine's Day and sharing your feelings with your beloveds during this Valentine's Day with awesome Valentine's Day wishes and messages.

here is a poem I written to you all

If you dont wanna be my Valentine
Ill scream, Ill weep, Ill shout
Frankly, no one can stop me from crying out loud,
cos you wont be my Valentine

If you wont accept my love
Ill yell, Ill roar, Ill bite
Other than, you tell me you are mine,
I wont cry, I wont bawl, I wont moan

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My beautiful Sunday, the 13 Feb 2011
The' Gong, NSW, Australia

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