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4 months with CHANEL

I am kind of lucky to be a part of CHANEL. I still can't believe I got this job offered. To be honest I had never used CHANEL'S Makeup or Skincares before and I didn't really have attention to use any of CHANEL but now I am falling in love with the products and they work for me.My skin is getting better and better. No more blemishes,No more Phetkasem clinic everytime I go home to Thailand.

The first 3 months were hard trying to understand all the products and YES in English! Damn !! that was the hardest part.

I enjoyed the basic school in a lovely hotel and great great treats from Chanel.

It has been exact 4 months with the world of CHANEL.
I am getting more comfortable with the products.I find it's very hard to communicate and get people to know and understand but well.. I am doing the best I can and I am enjoying it.


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