People get into your life for a reason . and they made you becoming who you are and thanks for all lessons .I only lived 25 years of my life some people are few years of my memory, some are few weeks and some are few days its just me who looks at the whole 25 years and picks up only good parts .. all of them lightened my idea, created who I am and helped me discovered what I love even though in the end we are just strangers again. and my beloved family who will always be with me doesnt matter good or bad .. we can never be strangers.

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Maybe it's the last request ... RIP
Today I got a phone call from my family telling me about an old guy, my grandpa's friend just passed away last 2 days... I visited him about 6 weeks ago.. he was sick had been to many hospital, he couldn't eat well and looked very skinny .. but none of the big hospitals told him what went wrong... it was my last time to see him .. and life is just so sad.. you never know when is the last time for you to be able to see another.. Do your best especially for someone you care or love ... cause you will never know when... at least I went visiting him that day cause my grandpa told me his friend wanted to see me... and that the first and even last thing he ever asked... RIP ... I do remember...
good old days ...

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When my parallel paths meet
I'm quite happy being alone ... I enjoy my life more when I have no one around so I can do whatever I want... somehow when I'm in love I do want to be with the other person... and care about them ... maybe too much that make them feel uncomfortable... and it's always end up with me crying... every time I was in love I always think I won't be able to love anyone more but in the end when there is a new one coming ... I again gave him all my heart... so far people just come and go ... I wonder ... and can just keep all the questions to my heart does it worth giving love and getting hurt for just a short period of joyful moment or just better live my life stable with constant amount of happiness, no excitement but no pain. But love and loss make me stronger... and I am waiting for the day when my parallel path come to meet at the end ... even though it's at the infinity.. but I will live my life with all the memories..

Guys rarely think with their hearts but I always follow my heart

I always take challenge in love even I know it's hurtful ... but if we are meant to be it's just worth it

You never know the right person.. ... never know from the beginning that's why I follow my heart first ... every right person takes time

It's just my view in relationship for today not all just some... and I do believe in destiny..

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Valentine's Month

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A life full of colors ... Let me show you the harmony ... And enjoy the 21st century.. I'm imperfect but I'm happy being just like that sorrow and happiness are making the value of the opposite ... Live your life as its the last day... And I did as my best .
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