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Sat 5/03/08 3:13 PM

....BiBi Can you see

Can you see the love in my

And find
the true meaning inside

My care
and all my thoughts

Can you
see how much i really do

Can you
hear the beat of my heart

speaks the true feeling inside

I wish you
could hear every minute

Of soft
whispering word from my heart

That say
how much i love you dear...

I'll keep every memories we
the great feeling we share,Keep them close to my heart. I
remember the first time we met,those smiling face,those friendly eyes,and
everything ties one big lump of our good memories.

All i wish
for you is the happiness and success in life.

All i wish
for you is the best things in life,

I'll do
anything for you, anything....

And how i
wish to see your dream come true.

"BiBi i
love you and i will love you"


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