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Place to go in Winter : Kauai


Honey-dipped sunsets, chocolate-sand beaches, aquamarine skies — Kauai has mastered seduction. But the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain doesn't have to resort to over-the-top luxury or tourist traps to entice; instead, it appeals to a no-muss, no-fuss type of traveler. You prefer rural to resplendent? Kauai's your island — there are only two major highways, and some regions can only be explored on foot. Resorts are no taller than a coconut tree (literally).  

Kauaʻi or Kauai[a] (/kə.ˈwaɪ.iː/; Hawaiian: [kɔuˈwɐʔi]) is geologically the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. With an area of 562.3 square miles (1,456.4 km2), it is the fourth largest of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, and the 21st largest island in the United States.[2] Known also as the "Garden Isle", Kauaʻi lies 105 miles (169 km) across the Kauaʻi Channel, northwest of Oʻahu. This island is the site of Waimea Canyon State Park.

The United States Census Bureau defines Kauaʻi as Census Tracts 401 through 409 of Kauaʻi County, Hawaiʻi, which is all of the county except for the islands of Kaʻula, Lehua, and Niʻihau. The 2010 census population of the island was 67,091,[3] with the largest town by population being Kapaʻa.

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