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Homemade Bacon


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Mak Kimchi V.กำจัดพริกป่นเกาหลี

ในที่สุด ก็ได้เวลากำจัดพริกป่นเกาหลี ซะที อยู่มาเป็นชาติ Smiley หาสูตรที่ถูกใจไม่ได้ซะที และแล้วก็สมประสงค์ สูตรนี้โอ มั่ก ๆ ครั้งหน้าต้องลดกระเทียม ลงดีกว่า ไม่ค่อยชอบกลิ่นกระเทียมสด SmileySmiley


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Mak Kimchi

Baechu (napa cabbage 10 pounds), salt, sweet rice flour, sugar, water, garlic, ginger, onion, fish sauce, squid, hot pepper flakes, leek, green onions, carrot, radish.


Trim the discolored outer leaves of 10 pounds of napa cabbage.
Cut the cabbage lengthwise into quarters and remove the cores. Chop it up into bite size pieces.

Soak the pieces of cabbage in cold water and put the soaked cabbage into a large basin. Sprinkle salt.
*tip: 1 cup of salt will be used for 10 pounds of napa cabbage

Every 30 minutes, turn the cabbage over to salt evenly (total salting time will be 1½ hours).
1½ hours later, rinse the cabbage in cold water 3 times to clean it thoroughly.
Drain the cabbage and set aside.
Make porridge:

Put 3 cups of water and ½ cup sweet rice flour (chapssal garu) in a pot and mix it well and bring to a boil. Keep stirring until the porridge makes bubbles (about 5 minutes).
Add ¼ cup sugar. Stir and cook for a few more mintues until it’s translucent.
Cool it down.
Make kimchi paste:

Place the cold porridge into a large bowl. Now you will add all your ingredients one by one.
Add 1 cup of fish sauce, 2.5 cups of hot pepper flakes (depending on your taste), 1 cup of crushed garlic, 1-2 tbs of minced ginger, 1 cup amount of minced onion.
*tip: much easier to use a food processor.

Wash and drain the salty squid. Chop it up and add it to the kimchi paste.
*tip: ow to prepare salty squid is posted on the FAQ above!

Add 10 diagonally-sliced green onions, 2 cups amount of chopped leek, 2 cups of julienned Korean radish, and ¼ cup of julienned carrot.

Mix all ingredients well and your kimchi paste is done.
Action! Mix the cabbage with the kimchi paste!

Put the kimchi paste in a large basin and add all the cabbage. Mix it by hand.
*tip: If your basin is not large enough to mix all the ingredients at once, do it bit by bit.
3. Put the kimchi into an air- tight sealed plastic container or glass jar.

You can eat it fresh right after making or wait until it’s fermented.

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เดี๋ยวค่อยมาแปล ตอนนี้ขี้เกียจ เก็บไว้ก่อน

Salty Squid
Choose about 300 grams (2/3 pound) of very fresh squid. Then:
Remove the guts and backbone and rinse it.
Add 3 tbs salt and mix it with a spoon.
Put it in a container or glass jar and keep it in the refrigerator for a week.
Rinse the squid thoroughly until not slippery and drain it (you can skin it if you want).
Dry the squid with paper towel or cotton and chop it up.
Add it to your kimchi paste!


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