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Role play
Roger: say hi
Pae: I just came back from Switzerland yesterday. I’m so tried, I need some rest, but tonight I’m going to a wedding party. I want to buy a set of makeup for the party. Do you have any new products?
Roger: suggestion
Ann: (come to the counter and looking for some make up)
Pae: How much for this set?
Roger: tell the price
Pae: Oh! It’s cheaper than I thought. I’ll take this one
Roger: thank you and give Pae the goods

Ann: ask Roger about goods
Roger: talk to Ann
Ann: ask the goods price
Roger: tell Ann the price
Ann: I’ll come back.


Nim: say hi..what did you get today?...
Pae: Um!! I just bought a set of make up with Roger’s Brand. It’s a new product for wedding parties. He said that this makeup…… and good for my face type, particularly, when I don’t have enough time to sleep.
Nim: agree with roger’s product
Pae: Yes, It’s very good. By the way, I have to go now. I have an appointment with my makeup artist. Bye.

1. My experience
I went to a cosmetic counter. A seller took care me quite worse. So I bought goods that I wanted from the other counter.

2. // The Princeton

Service Sales Representatives have to be good communicators, persuasive talkers, and excellent listeners. The most important quality of a service sales rep, however, is the ability to sell. “Most of your job as a sales rep is answering questions,” wrote one respondent, “and if you don’t have answers for your clients, how can you expect them to trust you?”

3. //

A sales representative may perform work out customers' needs and explain and demonstrate products to them, which may involve technical descriptions of products and the way they may be used
Personal Requirements:
 enjoy working with people
 friendly and confident manner with a pleasant personality
 able to work without direct supervision
 able to clearly present product and service information
 good personal presentation
 excellent communication skills.

4. // Source: Minnesota Department of Education and Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.
Page last updated in November 2005.

Are you outgoing, able to work your way through a crowd with ease? Do you also feel comfortable talking with a person one on one? Are you able to tell what a person might be thinking or feeling? If you answered "Yes" to these questions, you might be a good candidate to work as a sales representative. In this job, you work with people to determine their wants and needs. You also work to establish trust, a key component to establishing a good sales record. If your customers trust you to recommend quality products, they usually return to you for future purchases.

5. present some qualifications of sales representatives from thai job websites.


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