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A Cat and a Dog

ฝึกงานภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ กันค่ะ

The black cat jumped up onto the chair.
It looked down at the white dog.
The dog was chewing on a bone.
The cat jumped onto the dog.
The dog kept chewing the bone.
The cat played with the dog’s tail.
The dog kept chewing the bone.
The cat jumped back onto the chair.
It started licking its paws.
The dog stood up. It looked at the cat.
It licked the cat’s fur. The cat licked the dog’s nose.
The dog went back to its bone.
A boy ran through the room.
He was wearing a yellow shirt.
He almost ran into the chair.
The cat jumped off the chair.
The cat jumped onto the sofa.
The chair fell onto the floor next to the dog.
The dog stopped chewing the bone.
The dog chased the boy.
The boy ran out to the street.
He threw a stick. The dog chased the stick.
The dog lay down. It chewed on the stick.



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The Baby Bear

The baby bear followed his mama.
Mama bear walked through the woods.
She was looking for berries to eat.
She found some black berries.
She started eating them.
The baby started eating them, too.
They ate all the berries.
Baby bear was full. Mama bear was still hungry.
She started walking again.
She wanted to find more berries to eat.
Baby bear lay down.
He was full. He wanted to take a nap.
But mama bear came back.
She growled at baby bear.
He understood mama’s growl.
When mama growled, he obeyed.
He got up and followed his mama.
Someday he would take a nap after a meal.
A squirrel ran up a tree with a nut.
It dropped the nut and ran back down to the ground.
It picked up the nut and looked at baby bear.
Then it ran back up the tree.
Baby bear did not like nuts. They were too hard to open.




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Roses Are Red

Roses are red, violets are blue. I’m in a house, the tiger’s in a zoo. Roses are red, oceans are blue. I have a cold, you have the flu. Roses are red, pencils are blue. I lost my hat, you lost your shoe. Roses are red, the sky is blue. Pigs say Oink, cows say Moo. Roses are red, whales are blue. I don’t have to pee, I don’t have to poo. Roses are red, birds are blue. You love me, and I love you. Roses are red, ink is blue. When people sneeze, they say A-choo! Roses are red, mouthwash is blue. I like soup, and you like stew. Roses are red, paint is blue. Dogs like to bite, dogs like to chew. Roses are red, stamps are blue. You pound a nail, you turn a screw. Roses are red, sweaters are blue. I love my daddy and my mama, too. Roses are red, crayons are blue. When people get married, they say I Do. Roses are red, paper is blue. My car is old, your car is new.


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Life is a Rainbow

We do not live in a black and white world. We live in a rainbow world. Colors are everywhere. Colors are beautiful. A toilet bowl is white. A panda is white and black. A crow is black. The sky and the ocean are blue. An apple is red or green. An orange is always orange, but the sun is sometimes orange. A stop light is red, yellow, and green. A lemon is yellow. People are white, brown, or black. Fishes and birds are many different colors. Hair is white, gray, brown, black, or red. A golf ball and a baseball are white. A basketball is orange. A tennis ball is green. A fire engine is red. A police car is black and white. The moon and the stars are white. Grass is green, but dirt is brown. A fried egg is yellow and white. Your blood is red. Your teeth are white. A stop sign is red and white. You cannot talk about colors to blind people. They have never seen colors. That is sad.


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