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Active Phonics 1/2/3 (Student's Books)

Active Phonics 1 (Alphabet Master)
- The first book introduces the alphabet to kids. It starts off with the English alphabet then moves on to provide fun activities focused on beginning, middle and ending sounds. It's packed with interactive activities such as puzzles and games to fascinate young learners.
Active Phonics 2 (Vowel Master)
- The second book teaches kids more about the English vowels. It highlights the differences between the long and short vowels and engages the children through its exciting games and activities.
Active Phonics 3 (Consonant Master)
- The third -and last- book of the series revolves around the more complicated world of consonants, digraphs, blends and silent letters. The topics are broken down into simple yet fun activities to make learning easier for the young learners of English


Active Phonics 1: (PDF in RAR, 5.4 MB)

Active Phonics 2: (PDF in RAR, 5.6 MB)

Active Phonics 3: (PDF in RAR, 6 MB)

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