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Still Rremember..


I was in the white shirt and short jeans,,,
walking to the park to find somewhere quiet to sit.

I never expected that I would find someone I like beside the jammed road in the summer.
But not this time...

This time is different!

One man and his friend were standing in front of toilet waiting to go in, they were staying in line.

One of them stared at me and began to talk to me like I always see.
But this guy is kinda cute but what he told me make me feel like..

"yeah,, he's a player, isn't he?"

He talked about his girl friend and I guessed he must ask many girls before me. So I tried to see his friend's reaction hoping it could tell me the truth.

He said,,, his name is "Nick." That's what I heard.
He said,, Actually he's a shy guy,, but he start talking to me.
He said,, he was so exited. He asked me to touch how he feel on his chest and yes,,, his heart was beating so fast.

He asked me out to drink,,, and eat,,,,
but to be honest,, I don't trust him..
I mean.... he might had a girl who he called it's friend.

So I decided not to go to drink and gave him number after he asked for it.

hmmmm,,, yeah I gave him. But I would never know whether he would call me or not. But it seemed like he would not.

After that,,, we said good bye to each other,,,
I wondered about him and thought of him while I was reading my fun book.


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