I didn’t even have a chance to do English test, well it was only a bit disappointed but I’ll keep tryin’ till I get the job. Even though this is still my first choice of airline I want to work for

1. Emirates Sass 5 Aug, Assessment centre 16 Aug only group discussion, The Tawana Bangkok
2. Etihad Airways walk in 9 Sep Elan - Plaza Athenee , only CV droped no call.. then regret mail from EY on 12 Sep
3. Gulf Air by inviatation on 10 Sep, passed the eng test but didn't do good enough for group discussion and grooming (man I have scar), Amari Atrium
4. Qatar Airways open day 23rd September 2007, Sofitel Central Plaza watch a video and waited for 2 hours and a half to drop a CV so many people... waited for the phone call but no call

Emirates Open Day: 07-Oct-2007 (Got invitation but decided not to go)
Venue: The Tawana Bangkok, 80, Surawongse Road, Srisuriwongse A Room, 11th Floor / Srisuriwongse Building, Bangkrak, Bangkok 10500
Remarks: Preliminary selections will be done in conjunction by our recruitment agency - Sass Atlantic

5. Emirates Sass 2 Dec
6. Qatar Airways open day 4 Dec

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keep goin' na ka
do ur best

โดย: ArmSLavesArxZ วันที่: 17 สิงหาคม 2550 เวลา:0:02:00 น.  

Thanx ka

โดย: goshire วันที่: 17 สิงหาคม 2550 เวลา:0:10:54 น.  

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