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Free Australian Maps for Garmin GPS

Not often you find free maps but a very smart guy nicknamed Shonky Logic decided to create maps that Garmin haven't considered for Australia. Australia is renowned worldwide for it's vast tracks and ancient landscape, something that many Australian's find they need to be part of by getting in a 4WD, Bike, walking or Caravaning and visiting. Australia's outback though is not a place you want to get lost, something many visitors and tourists find they don't take heed of ensuring they have enough of the essentials such as plenty of water, food and communication. Like anywhere you go remote, it is always good to let people know your itinery so that if they don't hear from you at a specific time it makes it so much easier to find you in the thousands of square kilometres of land that no one visits.

GPS has exploded onto the recreational market, it is the fastest growing technology worldwide. You find it in your watch, shoe, mobile phone (Cellphone), Emergency Beacon (EPIRB), planes, trains and automobiles. Everyday, without realising it, you will have come across GPS and thankfully many people have realised the benefits of these little devices in such circumstances where there is often no tracks or roads, maybe a river, an odd rock or tree, and maybe even a Kangaroo!

Garmin is probably the largest manufacturer of recreational GPS worldwide but they are still developing maps for the world. However, Australian's couldn't wait any longer and so, the development of Shonky Maps. The term or name of the maps is not accurate because there is nothing shonky about it at all. The map is based on the Geoscience Australia (GA) Natmap Raster Maps, and GA is the Federal Australian Mapping Agency. The original maps are designed to work with products such as OziExplorer, TrackRanger and many more similar products. However, the Natmaps would not work on Garmin GPS until now.

If you are looking for free maps of Australia for your Garmin, containing lots of detail including highways, major roads, river, tracks and much more then you must acquire a copy of this map.
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