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28 มีนาคม 2550
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(Don't) Get a Vista: iPod

I just brought a new laptop computer with nice Windows Vista. Nice interface, that seem to be the only good thing about it.

Getting bore of that, I'm start making this Get a Mac spoof, "(Don't) get a Vista", as a complaint.

PC: Hello! I’m a PC.

iPod: And I’m an iPod.

PC: Oh hi. Nice to meet you.

iPod: Oh glad you recognize me since first glance.

PC: Of cause I know you! You are very famous. That giving us much trouble losing PC user to Mac.

iPod: Well you see, we Mac are just having more style.

PC: That’s why we develop Vista as install on me.

iPod: Yeah that very….nice.

PC: Exactly.

iPod: Then should we start?

PC: Start what?

iPod: Sharing music, that’s why I’m here.

PC: No.

iPod: Wha..What? What’s that means?

PC: No. I’m not sharing with iPod. I don’t even work with iTune.

iPod: That’s not very nice.

PC: No matter what your say you still seem like a flash drive to me.


PC: Now! Off!

(iPod leaving quietly, looking stunted)


Real circumstance: Windows Vista detect iPod immediately after linkage.But Windows just see iPod as a flash memory.


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