Singapore Alone But Awesome
Singapore Alone but Awesome
Since Singapore is very close and convenient to go from BKK... It takes 2 hr by plane at affordable price... without booking in advanced I got round trip tickets for about 6000 THB from Tiger airline... obviously low-cost and very noisy with lots of Chinese speaking extremely loud. .. Actually Airasia and Thaiair might be a better choice if you book in advanced ... but flight schedules of Tiger airline are better. .. Actually if you did book before traveling earlier than I did you will get half of that price..

This is probably the sky over Malaysia... The neighbor I have visited 10 years ago... There are quite lots of traveling agency that will set a group to go visiting Malaysia and Singapore on the same trip and they normally will just spend a day in Singapore without staying overnight there...cause theaccommodation in Singapore is really expensive ... Its even more expensive than in Seoul.

The best way of transportation there, just like in any crowded city over the world... Yes Skytrain, Subway ... in Singapoer I just bought an Ezylink ... cash-refilled card similar to T-money in Korea or Oyster-card in London the card didnt cost much so just buy a new one.. I put in the minimum amount they suggested I guess which was like 20 SD and you can just travel by bus or train and you can use it everywhere except in Sentosa... which I will explain later..
My First day of arrival... I stayed around Chinatown
Booking my accommodation through Agoda
Didn't expect a very small room there, probably a bit bigger than a coffin
honestly I even thought about changing my other night to new place..
but somehow I put up with that place cause I didnt have time to find newaccommodation, and you will see later on why!!

Just like Chinatown! There were tourists and Chinese merchants
Noisy and a bit more messy than Singaporean standard
..What's great about singapore is that you will never feel like a foreigner there
The mixed races and variety of people there is the charm of being a secret guest
There are as many Chinese, Malay and Indian there... also lot of western expats and they all speaking Singlish.
The city is way so small that you will not get lost and with my capability of speaking way quite fluent english,
I decided to just travel alone..

Around Chinatown there are many places to have Chinese buffet
which I would like to try but didnt have that chance cause I went out too early and got back way too late at night..
There is a place like a big food court not far from the Chinatown Station... you can sense. feel and get in touch with the Chinese
(even the smell of Chinatown ) I have tried Fish ball noodles there ( well noodles sounds very much into Chinese food though)
Food there was not so expensive, I can say it's about in between BKK and Seoul.

Thai fruits seem to be very popular there but actually they are tropical fruits and possibly imported from all SEA countries
for instance, Thailand Malaysia Indonesia and Durian seem to be a very popular fruit there, Papaya is a precious fruit ... costs way a lot more than ones in Thailand... in Thailand Papayas are more like your free gift from your neighbor, or some left over fruit on the tree that becoming natural birds food.

There is a place where you can visit there in Chinatown called Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

It's quite beautiful inside but I didnt want to disturb the monks that were practicing much

And that's my first afternoon spent in Chinatown... My next move will be where ?? .. to be continued
At Marina Bay... My memorable, spectacular spot!!

After My Chinatown tour was enough honestly for me the temple was not very attractive after coming back from Japan for only a month, cause these kind of Asian architectures in Japan were way more interesting. My next target was the Marina Bay Actually I wanted to get to the Casino or the skypark something sounds like that but because of limited time I could just walked around the marina bay and wait for the light and sound on the fountain

Around this place during the time I visited there was light exhibition
so I think I was quite lucky to be able to see the exhibition
Actually there is always an exhibition around this area
depends on the time you visit.

I was there around 7 pm but it was still very bright.. honestly I am not into brand-names but this LV shop was pretty cool
so I just did my window-shopping
I love traveling more, so for the money I could save now I rather spend for my trips.

I think the show started at about 8:30 pm and the next one would be 9:30
This show was fantastic with the music and light and fountain
even its a bit childish but if you try to imagine yourself back in time being a kid,
you will enjoy the show as much as I did.

After the show finished I gotta move to the Singapore Flyermy important destination for tonight
can say that just visiting Marina Bay worth the flight tickets coming here.

Along the way to the Singapore Flyer (which is even higher than the London Eye at the moment)
I could take lots of wonderful photos and
I must give this credit to the light exhibition cause without it therewontbe any color on that building

This is a big theatre but Ididnthave a chance to get in cause I gotta rush to the singapore flyer
which I could see it from where I had been.

Along the way Ifound a vender guy selling his famous 1 dollar ice cream you can have it with bread to wafer..
I had seen it from someones review so Yeah! I needed to try.. It tasted ok though.

On the way there, still some light exhibition

You can also use this service, they were very noisy but looked so fun though ,
if I have my chance next time I would try

Here I am ! at Singapore Flyer.. I ran to get the ticket costed about 30 SD
and the environment inside was like you were
in a spaceship ready to be launched

So I got the view over the top of Singapore at night It was fantastic, pity I was alone with little kids ran around
back then Ididntknow the technique to take photos from the reflected glass, so my pictures came out a bit funny.

from here I couldnt believe how far I had been walking and I discovered the next morning that my feet were really bad damaged.!!!

I got lost at night though cause I missed to get off the bus at the subway station
and I have no idea where to go cause my friend ran out of battery (iPhone)
so I asked someone to tell me how to get to the nearest possible
subway station it took me about 10 more bus stops but in the end I could figure out to catch the last subway at 11:45 pm

the residential area in Singapore at night was very quiet , I was a bit scared as I was walking alone,
but lucky enough that I didnt have to walk through the area.

I got back around midnight and stopped at McDonald .. other food stalls closed so I just got Double-cheese burger at midnight!!
OMG maybe this was how my weight went on so wrong up until now haha

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