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สิงหาคม 2550
22 สิงหาคม 2550

Studio Ghibli

i'm pround to present


gibbuli ga ippai collection -- Ghibli Studio Collection



one of my friends have a feeling like watching anime films today, so i'm proudly present her my Ghibli Studio Collection. but then i thought why dont i have a blog about this... so here i am...


this is what i have

1. Nausicaa of the valley of the wind

this is cool, but i kind of dont like the end.



2. Laputa castle in the sky

i really like this one



3. My neighbour Totoro

this one is cute indeed. everybody loves Totoro



4. Only yesterday

it's just ok for me.



5. Porco Rosso

never wanna watch again



6. Ocean Waves

it's good and complicated, but love story is not what i expect from animetion



7. Pom Poko

human is such an evil (but i cant help what happen cause i'm a human too)



8. Whisper of the heart

i like this one... it will boost your power of dream



9. Princess Mononoke

i LOVE this one. how amazing and beautiful it is?!?



10. My neighbour the Yamadas

it's kind of fun na



11. Spirited Away

MY FAVOURITE. dont know what to say. all i know is that it opened my world to the world of anime



12. The Cat Returns

this is also the nice one.



13. Studio Ghibli Episode 2

this one comes with the cat above. it includes few short stories about some members of the studio. the first story is really funny.



14. Howl's moving castle (2004)

another great anime from Miyazaki ojiesan



15. Tales from earthsea (2006)

no comment coz i dont have it yet, but it will arrive in a few days.



16. Graves of the fireflies (1988)

it made me cry T_T



17. Goshu the cellist (1982)

this one is the pre-ghibli work of miyazaki sensei and takahatasan (the director of ghibli, not so sure)



18. Panda Go Panda (1972-1973)

another pre-ghibli that i have. but i dont finish it yet, think i'm too old for this one.

Look, it was born before me?!?



19. On Your Mark (1995)

it's the MV for the song "on your mark". very nice one, i like it. i have it in "Ghibli ga ippai special short short". it contains other short short works of ghibli, like commercial movie.



20. Kiki's delivery

i have it, but the thai subtitle is bad (hell subbed). so sometimes i put it in the missing list.



well, that's all for today. bye bye.





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Spirited Away

Princess Mononoka

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13. Studio Ghibli Episode 2
17. Goshu the cellist (1982)
18. Panda Go Panda (1972-1973)


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13. Studio Ghibli Episode 2
18. Panda Go Panda (1972-1973)
19. On Your Mark (1995)



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