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Boat Trip from Chau Doc to Saigon, Vietnam

Rivers,Lifes and My Real Happiness

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After checked passport and visa at immigration
our boat rode to the small city name "Chau Doc"
Chau Doc is a river city close to the Cambodia border
There are a number of floating houses
which provide a convenient way
for families to raise fish underneath
On the way to hotel kids waved their hand
and Say"Hello" to us, we saw the sunset
it such a beatiful atmosphere

on the way to Victoria Hotel

The beautiful sunset

We arrivaled in hotel at 6.30 PM
Victoria hotel is very nice hotel in Chau Doc
because it's locate close to Bassac river
When we checked in hotel we heard
Some couple paid for private boat to Saigon
my Paul bear talked with them a little bit
after that we went to swim and took some rest

we went to the market and looking for
travel agency we hope we could found boat to Saigon
but just only bus and it takes 6 hours to Saigon
we went back hotel immediately!
my Paul bear did business talk with that couple
Because they already paid 400 USD
but lovely my Paul bear did a good job
so he paid just 100 USD to them
my Paul bear was born to be a genius negotiator
It's best part of him and I really love the way he is
Hope he will not bargain a dowry with my mom

View from our room(after sunset)

Paul Bear on the tri-cycle

We got up early in the morning
it was our luck because we've seen
The beautiful sunrise at Bassac river before we left
Today we took boat to Saigon
A boat Company (Blue cruiser) the crew said
we must ride a boat to Meaknog rive
and small river till be get into Saigon
That was good trip although it make us tired
But we saw many different views on the side way
some people lives on the boat
some kids swim and wave their hand to us
some guys took shower in the river
Seems like everybody happy in their lifes

Beautiful Sunrise at Bassac River

Goodbye Chau Doc

Tourists go to Floating Market

Paul Bear & his Vietnamese girlfriend

We're in Saigon

The boat trip made me realized
"What is the real happiness in our lifes?"
When I was young I expected so many things
as big house, expenssive car, great Job
but after Thai economic was collapsed
My family lost our restaurant business
and more than that we lost my brother
Now our happiness are not
big house or expenssive car at all
as one of Lord Buddha teaching said

"In one's life time,If we sould gave just a tiny
teste of real happiness and peace
Our life will be more steady more orderly and clam
We'll be able to learn by ourself
The true essence of life And will be able
to pick and choose quality happiness
And cut down on the fun happiness"

Don't waste your time with fun happiness
do the good things to people who you love
and tell them how much you love them
Because Our life is so short


Song Title : Heaven and Earth Ost.(End Title)
Composed by : Kitaro

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ํำYes,that's the real happiness.

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