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Boat trip from Cambodia to Chau doc,Vietnam

Boat trip from Cambodia to Vietnam

Before Chirstmas last year my Paul bear asked me
"Where do you want to travel in South East Asia Babe?"
He might thought a girl like me will say
I want to go to Singapore or Hongkong Honey!!
but he got a different answer

I don't know why I want to go to Vietnam
Probably,When I studied in bachelor's degree
One subject which I really love is "History or films"
All students must watched all kind of movies
we must dicussed about movie that we've watched
as their Production,Screen play,Music,Acting etc..

Not many war film is about woman's story
"Heaven and Earth" which produced by Oliver Stone
was the films besed on the true story of
Phung Thi Laly Hayslip from Ky la
a rice farming village in Danang (Central Vietnam)
In the film's production the director used
Some loctiont in Thailand as Phuket and Bangkok
It was very magnificent scene of big paddy fields
I really like this movie because of
their theme,screen play and Music
which produce by Kitaro the Japanese great musician

Our Vietnam trip was different from the others
because my Paul bear loves to do boat trip
from Cambodia to Vietnam and I agree with him
Not many Thai do boat trip as long as I know
I didn't find any information from Thai website
I want to say"Thank you" to my Paul bear
He gave me a great birthday present I never have
"Thank you again and again babe!"

We flown from BKK to Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
took boat to Chau Doc (south Vietnam)
Next day took boat to Saigon
flown from Saigon to Danang took taxi to Hoi An
flown from Hue to Hanoi and went to Halong Bay
after that flown form Hanoi to BKK
it was 12 days trip I can't forget
Such a wonderful experience on boat trip
everywhere we went so beautiful in our mind
we couldn't sleep or close our eyes
on the way to Chau Doc and Saigon
Oh! I fell in love with boat trip

We started or boat trip in Phnom Penh
just only one pier in Phnom Penh
so many tourists went to Seamreap
but we went to the opposite side of them

At Phnom Penh Pier

Our boat was in the middle

we're ready to go

Here We go

Goodbye Cambodia

On The Boat

Different views

Different life style

It took 5 Hours from Cambodia to the Vietnam
So many interesting on the saidway
as you know I didn't have information about boat tirp
or Where 's the Cambodia and Vietnam immigrations and
How to get into Vietnam by boat
but I was lucky because I found nice Thai guy
who work in Saigon,he gave me informations
and his mobile phone number if I got a problem
boat company did good take care for their guest
they checked visa to Vietnam from their guests first
Except me Because I'm Thai
Thai do not need visa to Vieatnam (that's great)

Cambodia Border

Passport Checking in Cambodia border

Vietnam Border

Welcome to Vietnam

I can't review my Vietnam trip in one day
so many things I want tell and explain to you
How beautiful it was and how much I enjoyed it
I hope you will keep looking forward to next episod
Wishing you guy enjoy my stories with poor English
you can leave your comment
and share your thoughts with me below
Thank you for visit my blog and have a wonderful day


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