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Sea World in Gold Coast, Australia

Sawasdee Ka

๏~*Thai Version...Click here*~๏

first of all I want to tell you guys
this is my old trip in Surfers Paradise Australia
I have Thai version for you also just click at
"Thai Version" Then you can read in Thai

I did make my web diary a couple years ago
but never write in English now my Paul Bear
ask me to do that cause our friends in Australia
want to share their thoughts with us
that's the reason why I have to write in English
Although my English is not that good
Hope you guy understand and try to understand
my poor English..just laugh with me ok!

I was busy in this morning
because of my thesis...make be sick of it...
Now I get short time to update my blog...yes!!
it was photos from Sea World in Gold Coast, Australia

Ticket for adult is 62 AUD per person
It has many show as Dolphin Cove Show
Quest for the Golden Seal, Waterski WipeOut
and Planet SOS in 4-Dที่ Sea World
I really like Planet SOS 4-D so fun
when I sawSnake in front of my face
Scary me!! WOW...

That night Paul Bear took me to "Draculas"
it's a cabaret Restaurant
Close to Conrad Jupeter Hotels
We had dinner with Winston,Warren and Beth
Jenny and his son...it's so cool

Draculars's open 10 years ago
Concept of restaurant is Fatasy and Horror
Their staff have to dress up as the ghosts
restaurant building look like Dracula's Castle

and restaurant always full, food was do good
Because it has 3 Different set manu
as Pork,Lamb, and beef
It was fun when the waitress came to out table
and ask "Have you been here before?"
Just only me I never come here
This is my first time then she said "Virgin Bamboo"
When I order lamb she said ok! "Death Sheep"
make us laugh and laugh
One programm of the show was "One stand comedy"
The comedian talked about Patpong in Bangkok
Just only me understand what the talking about
make me laugh then the comedian talk to me
Hey! thought you come from Thailand

We back home at 10.30 PM very tired
Paul bear have meeting tomorrow

~~Ok I feel better now~~
I gotta go to bed..bye..bye


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