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Dreamworld in Australia

Paul Bear&Bamboo in Dreamworld

๏~*Thai Version...Click here*~

first of all I want to tell you guys
this is my old trip in Surfers Paradise Australia
I have Thai version for you also just click at
"Thai Version" Then you can read in Thai

I did make my web diary a couple years ago
but never write in English now my Paul Bear
ask me to do that cause our friends in Australia
want to share their thoughts with us
that's the reason why I have to write in English
Although my English is not that good
Hope you guy understand and try to understand
my poor English..just laugh with me ok!

I went to Deamworld with my Paul Bear
it was the first place which paul bear
want to show me..he thought I must like it
Many rides and attractions in Dreamworld
as Ocean Parade, Nickleodeon Central
Tigerland,Tower of HorrorRiver Town,
Weggles World,Dreamworld studio
Gold Rush Country,Rocky hollow
and Australian Wildlife Experience
I can't explain but I can tell it was fun

Here I am..Dream world

Crazy couple..ha ha ha

Giant Drop ..Fun Fun

Flowrider...Don't want get wet

Gold Rush Country

Help Me Please!!

Tiger Island...Oops! What's he doing?

Australian Wildlife Experience

Kangaroo and Bamboo

Ok! next trip I will take you to
Tamborine Mountain..cool and nice spot
you can see view of Gold Coast
Have a nice day and Thanks
For your comment..Take care


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