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Lexmark Indy 300 in Gold Coast Australia

Sawasdee Ka

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It's indy time in Gold coast
It's too bad I 'm not there
Because I'm not finish my Master degree
Lexmark indy 300 is a car racing
it has many kind of car as Super car,V8 etc..
I went there last year it was a great experience for me
this is old trip I rewrite it and remind my momory again

Paul Bear has a great connection
with Conrad Hotel.That's reason why
we went to the race with their customers
At the Grandstand of Conrad Hotel
it had food and refreshment for their guests

The ticket cost for indy time..just to go inside
it was 2,500 baht if you want to sit on stand
the ticket cost about 7,000 baht.
for conrad Grandstand cost about 10,000++
but both of us got it for free

Souvenir from Conrad Jupiters Gold Coast

Go Go!!Team Australia

Will Power Woo! handsome man

My Paul Bear Cute more than Will huh?

Nice position to see the racing track

we sat close to the Pit

Very busy when the racing car came

Here! Will Power's car

After that we went to Jenny's condo
It's in the 13 th floor...(nice number hun?)
we can saw the racing track from her place

Can you see 13 Floor?

Inside Jenny's place

I like this coner

it was cold for me although it was summer

Appetise for today

At the racing track

Can see racing track around her place

Nice spot to see car racing

That was a great experience on helicopter

Power Packed aerial entertainment..That's cool

Bamboo and Jenny

Fatastic 4...

Paul Bear and me drink mak mak
we walk back home..Mow..
Great time and great experiences
for first day and first time in Australia


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สวัสดีครับ ตามไปดูบรรยากาศการแข่งขันด้วยคนครับผม..

แต่ชอบภาพ Fatastic 4...ที่สุดเลยอ่ะครับ..

โดย: pompier วันที่: 17 ตุลาคม 2550 เวลา:3:12:01 น.  

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