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Day 3-4

G'day mates

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Today we get up early
and my Paul bear prepare breakfast
for me..see How cute he is
We leave phuket at 9.00 Am
Actually we plan to leave phuket at 8.00 Am

Pe' John's car

Pe'John not drive so fast
and try to drive to a new road
but we get lost..ioops
we're in Nakhonsri Thammarat
We arrival in Hua Hin at 8.00 Pm
It was a long trip
Tonight we stay at "Sofitel Central Hau Hin"
I'm not forget to take photos for you guys

ห้อง Delux room

We have dinner at Thai restaurant
close to our hotel.Last time I went to Hua Hin
When I studied in BA at Rangsit University
after dinner we take short walk then go to bed
cause we will leave early morning

Since I 'm with Paul bear I get up early everyday
Hyperactive...Grace .. ha ha ha
Or maybe I feel good to be with my Paul bear?
Before we leave I take photos
around hotel ...nice hotle hun

so cute I like it

I like the way they decorated Hotel

Tricycle so cool



Who is this guy??..Oops my Paul Bear


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