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~*G' day mites*~

First of all I want to apologize you guy
That I didn't update my website
since my Paul bear visited Thailand in December
After our trip in Phuket and Samui
I always busy with my Thesis now I got a good news
I will defense my thesis in Jan 29...yeah!!!

I called to my mom then my Paul bear
just wanted to let them know...
...back to the old day...
The day thay I was depressed,
stressed and cried many times
I always sat in my room with very low energies
mom bought a glass of mik for me although
she said nothing but it was mean a lot to me
and my Paul bear tried to chatted with me
he always said"You nearly finish honey"
Not only Mom and my Paul bear who tried
to pulling and pushing me when I was down
my dad my sister my nephews,Paul bear's family
and many friends in Thailand and aborad
they always cheer up little Gracie..go go Gracie
make me smile and got more energies again
I want to say "Thank you" and Thank you so much

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