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I am Responsible

This book is about being responsible. As adults, we are accountable for certain tasks. This concept does not come easily to young children. The aim of this book is to help children understand that when they have a job to do, it is their responsibility-not anyone elses to get it done.
One way to use this book is to ask children to identify responbilities they have each day and discuess with them the importance of doing these jobs.

I Am A Leader

book is about being a leader. In today's ever-changing world, leadership and the role of the leader are very important. Any one of use can be a leader. We can all inspire, support, model, and hope for something better. These are abilities are learned and children can learn to be leaders at a young age.
One way to use this book is to talk with children how the activities in this book are building blocks to becoming a leader. Together you can identify other behaviours that leader show.
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I Accept You As You Are

This book is about accepting differencis in people.Recognizing and accepting that there are differences among their peers is an important step for children at this stage of development. Trying to embrace these differences without losing their own sense of self is an essential concept addressed in this book.
Have children think about similarities and differences among their peers.

I Am Generous

Pride in independence, being a friend, showing respect and working together is for all ages! These stories tell what some children do and happily ask "how about you?" Books about difficult concepts made accessible for the youngest children, these predictable emergent readers practically guarantee eager responses.
One way to use this book is to ask children to identily other ways they can be generous. Helping them to make plans to give to others, will ideally lead to cultivating a lifetime habit of generosity.

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