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Caillou and Gilbert

Caillou and Gilbert

Caillou learns to be considerate of animals. Caillou has nobody to play with, so he recruits Gilbert his cat. He tries to get Gilbert to play his favourite games, but Gilbert isnt interested in the slightest. When Mom points out that Caillous been trying to get the cat to play people games, he realizes that Gilbert probably wants to play kitty cat games. That works much better!
A teacher's guide and worksheets are included.


Caillou Tidies His Toys


Caillou Alphabet Cd-Rom

Skills: Capital letters; Lowercase letters; Beginning reading; Letter order.


Caillou Preschool Cd-Rom

--Play in English, Spanish, or French!
--Enhance your Alphabet skills!
--Learn your colors and shapes!

Caillou Kindergarten Cd-Rom

Caillou leads kids on a learning adventure in English, Spanish or French. This CD contains Caillou Counting, Caillou Thinking Skills and Caillou Coloring and Creativity, three great programs.
This CD designed by educators features the original voices from the Caillou PBS kids television series. Instructions are spoken aloud for pre-readers.

There are 25 activities that teach number identification, sequencing, numerical order and numerical relationships.

This program introduces kids to important thinking skills like sorting, same and different, associations and more. Kids play 25 fun activities as they sharpen logic and reasoning and critical thinking skills. Kids also learn about sequencing and patterns.

Children play matching games, identify same and different, put together toys and listen to directions to clean up Caillou's room.

Children have fun coloring pictures. Kids can color pictures on the computer or print them out for creative fun away from the computer.

Learning and playing with Caillou is always fun. Kids will love these programs as they get ready for Kindergarten or for some extra help during the school year.

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