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Enroute to Fukushima ҧԹ仿١٪

Enroute to Fukushima 仿١٪
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It's in the morning of Wednesday April 20, 2011. I was in the middle of a morning report of our department. My cell phone twisted and danced in my pocket, hmm-hmm-hmm. I nibbed the Jabra and put the in-ear in. "Hey Naris". a voice from Dr.Uraiwan, a friend of mine and chief of the department, asking "The ministry of foreign affair wants a pediatrician, an infecious diseases specialist to fly to Fukushima for 2 weeks would you like to go?"

Fukushima! the area hit by the triple disaters: 9.0-quake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor leakage.

Had it been for Paris or Rome, she would never even think of me 555. Without hesitation, I just said, "Yes, I am available for Fukushima."

How could the will of fortune fall on me, more than 500 Thai docs were in the waiting list at the Thai medical council board, all of them want to help the Japanese people. I did not join the waiting list, knowing that in tsunami stricken area only the surgeons and the orthopedists were urgently needed. I'd been to Phuket, Krabi, Surathanee, Chumporn and Ranong after the 2004 tsunami in the Southern part of Thailand and was quite familiar with this situation. All I had done was making a donation to the Ministry of Foreign affair account.

Our hospital is not big, and the news always travels very fast. "Ajarn (teacher), what's in your mind when you decided to go to Fukushima? Isn't it dangerous?" Dr.Orawan, one of my lovely students and colleagues, asked me a day after.

"It's OK. The situation is undercontrol and, by the way, I am nearly the eldest male in our department." (who else would do it if I declined this quest) What I didn't tell her was I was getting bore with my position in the hospital. It is too good. All my HIV-infected patients are doing fine. The HIV-clinic could be complete within one and a half hours comparing to four and a half hours of her nutrition-clinic or any other patient-stricken clinics of our department.The only interesting thing left in the children hospital for me is the morning report. All in all, I am glad I have something to do for the hospital and it is a lot better than participating in the nonsense gozzipping luncheon time 555.


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