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1 Aug . HBD - My Dear " TiFFANY "

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Happy Birth Day

Hwang Miyong [TiFFANY]


Happy Birthday My Dear Miyong

“I have to tell something for you”


I hope you to be Happy in your Birthday.

Everything you need everything all of you.

I wish you have a Good luck and success in everything.

Take care of yourself and I care everything about you.

I fall in love with your SMILE at first sight.

Your smile is very beautiful.

It makes me Happy and Heartbeat in everyday.

When I feel tired and I see your smile it makes me feel much better.

I Love your smile. Keep up and Fighting!.

When you tired or feel lonely you know that I’m always beside you.

I hope you to be strong.

I will support you and SNSD forever….


Thank you for your born.

Thank you SNSD.

Thank you Miyong.


“ I hope you will come back to Thailand again. SONE Thai waiting for you ”


                                                                                     I Love you so much.

" Love is in the Air

   Never see it by eyes

   But feel it by the Heart

   Dear the woman who light up my life

   You will always be in my life forever…"

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with God help
what ever you want will
happen with the help of him
but you need to believed in him and
open your mind for miracal


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"ปีใหม่โล้ชิงช้า ชาวอาข่า"
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