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Valentine history

Valentine history

February is the month that opuan go with pleasure to represent love. Concern to the people who we wish well
I want him to be happy, and it is recognized worldwide that the February 14 as Valentine or Valentine Day, and today there are queues, or Cupid, which is regarded as the symbol of Valentine's most famous. Son of a disabled queue, Venus and Mars, but the twists and turns of the call queue that queue of rot off off the current world recognized human.
It is a little child holding an arrow and archery arrows fired is that love, in belief. Current queue for his bow and arrow to close and become. Marking of affection that is known as much for his love, and is frequently mentioned in the image of the arrow shot, love, heart, love, between songduang. Known as the arrow off the queue, we love to come to listen to the same story about the history and importance of today, Yes.

Special Valentine Starting from the Roman Empire era is prosper. In the period February 14 of each year be treated as a holiday to honor the gods, but the chuno. Empress of the Roman gods In addition, he is also the God of. Sex and marriage and ittri on February 15 as the start date of the Jubilee Festival based on the life of Carrefour Italia phoe young will be cut out completely. In the reign of Emperor arcadius, the 2 side by side (Emperor Claudius II) of Rome. He is a King who has a fierce and popular disposition to do the blood war, and realize why that young man most wishes to participate in the army, because he doesn't want to go, so the couple and family, augmented with Royal o d. The order prohibits the engagement and the wedding ceremony held in Rome by the decisive, especially as people's sufferings, and while it is one of the last images of that Saint Valentine, or nat Valenti, who lives in Rome. Collaborate with Saint Constantius held Mario wedding, with many Christians and good wishes with this myself, so that Valentine was arrested and. While still sending a Valentine greeting of his own when he was a prisoner believe that Valentine fell in love girl. The girl is the daughter of a guard named Julia, who has come to visit him during the jail. On the night before Valentine's life ends by being cut on his head. He has sent a letter. Finally, to end up with Julia, "From Your Valentine."
February 14, 270 after his funeral was held at the temple phra Mercedes (Praxedes) at Rome Julia almond trees planted or al mon pink hole. The death of nat Valenti (someone) who is in love with her today. Pink almond trees represent. Of eternal love and friendship is beautiful and it is a word that comes so far, although behind the scenes of reality dark Valentine is the legend, but the story continues. Illustrates the feeling of pity and that courage is the most important sign of the romantic, it is not surprising that during the middle ages as St. Valentine, the most famous in England and France. Subsequent counter-reformation in Royal select, February 14 is the day celebration. Festival of love and it seems still as the young man would choose. Girls self complacency in Valentine's day To come through today.
Valentine, in each country there are customs, or. Perform different, but overall, it is a celebration and a display of their love.
That is between them. Subsequent to the advance in technology. Printing involved printing cards. Greeting by replacing handwritten letters and now they send online greeting cards to.
Indicates the progress of the technology that allows people to.
Show love anxiety To the people who love it more quickly. History of Valentine's day, this is the story told so far only to find that this is just one of them in many areas, but not the actual history that is now, however, we believe that Valentine's day is an important day in the history of the day., you can send flowers, candy and a card to tell someone special give meaning. Today is the day that we send feelings. Good to ... //


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