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God knows what the end will be like in Spain

one side is calm and another is on fire.

our side is calm, we already have 'enough' good players to compete with the other teams, just enough tho, not plenty. (Just one irritating attempt-to-sign player.. not the player that was irritating but the club)

the side of Real Madrid is on fire, figuratively, their never-ending rumors about getting that player from other team, and others more from others teams. For example.. Kaka from Milan, Cesc and Reyes from Arsenal and Xabi from Liverpool.. although i approve the idea of bringing back the spanish boys to their homeland :P but how can they be all in the same freakin team, that's one ridiculous fact. Since the scandal in Italian football began, El Real has been trying to sign Kaka, they even tried it during the WC.. talking about sneaky bahaviour (not my word tho, that was from a Milan fan) and they didn't lay their hands off this subject even when Kaka said he wouldn't leave Milan (ok.. for that time being). That reminds me of la Pulga, it freaks me out a bit.. like sth you can never get rid of.

Today's news on AS are all about El Real's targets which are Cesc and Reyes, Xabi Alonso as an option in case they fail to sign Cesc. The biggest two targets they have their eyes on are Cesc and Reyes, the news stated Reyes case is really close but Cesc's is a bit more complicated. Both are they players that Capello personally requested the board.

Ramon Calderon said if himself to the press on the day they presented Van Nistelrooy that there would be more signings and they'll arrive next week. Since they failed to sign Kaka, they moved the target to Cesc and Reyes instead. Capello wants Reyes on the left-wing and left-footed is require. He's been used Cassano in that position in Austria until Cassano got himself injured yesterday. AS Robben is the impossible one, Capello gave Reyes's name to Pedja Mijatovic. So we heard something about Reyes wanting to go back to Spain and wants to forget London because he's not happy there. News has that Mijatovij has already begun to negotiate with David Dein.

During the negotiation with Dein, Mijatovij mentioned Cesc's case. It is said that the club reached the agreement with Cesc's agent, Joseba Diaz, but not the agreement with Arsenal. Cesc wants to return to Spain (he does?) but Wenger doesn't want to let him go. It might cost 30M euros but they will probably include Baptista in the deal to decreass the amount of money. But there is a problem with Baptista, he needs to fulfill 3 conditions to play in Engliand, a condition cannot be fulfill so that closes the door to England for him.

Anyhow Madrid must do whatever faster if they want to sign bothe Cesc and Reyes because the 8th of Augues, Arsenal will play against either Ekrana or Zagreb Dynamo in UCL. If somehow they sign them after they played for Arsenal, they can't play for RM in UCL.

Irony. Both Real Madrid and Arsenal are in Austria right now hahaha

Just when i thought RM did lay their hands off.. Marca just published the news "Madrid insists on signing Kaka" .. it's getting old and boring.

Muchisimas Gracias : AS


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these rich folks are pain in the you-know-what!


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well well.. let history repeat itself sometime soon.. rich in debts LOL


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