How to order ?
All the items in our Internet/ CD catalogue are quoted in Thai Baht.
(factory price). Please note that the listed price is valid for export only. There is a minimum quantity order for each item and the total minimum on you. per shipment.

Alternatively, you can send us an email to indicate the products, quantity and colour finish of the products which you would like to order.

Upon receiving your order, we will acknowledge by issuing you a Performa Invoice. Please feel free to contact us at
if you have other requirements. The delivery time for your order is between 1-4 weeks depending on the products and quantity. In any circumstances, we will process your order as fast as we can without compromising on the quality.

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Payment Terms
Payment Terms
We only accept payment by telex-transfer (TT).

We require a deposit of 40% of total invoice value to be paid at the time of order, the remaining 60% at the time of dispatch. This will be clearly specified on the invoice.

Bank Detail :
Bank name : Bangkok Bank
Bruch : Sankamphaeng
Account name : Boobpha Tali
Account number : 357-0-74312-4
Address :

Swiff code: BKKBTHBK

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contact us
A&N Handicraft
116/1 M.3 Bosang, T.Tonpao, A. Sankamphaeng, Chiangmai 50130
116/1 หมู่ 3 บ่อสร้าง ต.ต้นเปา อ.สันกำแพง จ.เชียงใหม่ 50130

Website : //
email :

Mrs. Boobpha Tali
Tel. (66) 086 193 8953

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