Everything is logical.

Distrust and Envy, Accumulative Desperation.

Distrust and Envy.
Accumulative Desperation.
(Human rights series: Freedom of life and liberty)

Thanks for western media, it is now undebatable that freedom is more enjoyable than repression. Or is it?

Regulation = involuntary more dos, more donts.
Deregulation = less dos, less donts
Everybody naturally loves deregulation. But what can prevent instability that follows?

In case of less dos, you just need more voluntary donts to prevent problems. The same as true for less donts. The question is how to encourage voluntary more of things. (Technology is increasing voluntary kind of things. And thats good. We just need to be sure if we really want or gain more from those.). Choosing is a skill needed to be practice. Choices are made by weighing benefit and cost. And less choice we can make eventually leads to no choice at all, because we dont even have choosing skill if we have choices.

Distrust is very obvious in the roads nowadays. So bad that sometime when you wanna make ways but making ways can lead to literally delaying others. We just distrust other that if we give this time, we will take it next time. We eventually had no choice. And need more regulations.

Envy is also obvious when, epidemically, we shallowly judge others. They can make choice but I cannot! We dont care what others might do more to do less, do more for less donts, abstain more for less dos and less donts. You think What if I did and still got the same judgement?, also a form of distrust. We just love to have no choice, because we havent practiced to have one anyway.

May one day we live with more freedom and peace, start from within.

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