Everything is logical.

Positivity or Negativity

Be true to yourself.

Be positive, be positive, be positive. Sound like a form of meditation or a tool of hypnotization, at least for me.

Why do good logic seem to punish everybody to suffer alone and spread only positive ‘words’? Why don’t we instead focusing on ‘doing’ positive to others? It’s much better to encourage people to ventilate, not to suppress, to no-returning point, nowadays. Everybody seems like a duty to express to be joyful amidst crisis from every prospect of our society. When it’s much better if we all spread what we concern and brainstorm online, just being culturally-conscious, like most common straightforward people would do. So contradicted we all are.

Forgiveness and see only positivity is good way of life. But in situation that someone try to rig everybody else, by words, by stealing or by oppressing, it’s much better to first stop those bleeding of positivity. For those someone might also have suffered much in life. But it’s their duty to find their solution, and not to spread negativity in any form of doing bad things to others.

How can positivity become the only solution to everything? Easy, because we all don’t know how to solve it otherwise. Solution is everywhere nowadays, all you have to do is to pick some good one and try. Spread negative words and not bleed others with negative externality by actions

My investment concern now is the drop in oil price, and not by trade war. Here’s how;
1.Carbon tax by international agreement.
2. Rising China give surge in material price and inflationary pressure.
3. US Shale oil production
4. Disruption from electric vehicles.
You can hedge accordingly by your assessment.

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