Everything is logical.

Hate and Pity.

Hate and Pity.
Hypocritical useless internal contradiction

Today I got very angry, like you all when driving on the road. When I wanted to change lane and gave signal, a pickup truck, from 50 meters away, saw that signal and sped up to take over that position.

I know, i told myself to calm down. But what i’m telling today is better way of coping that. I try to pity him, he must bear much suffer to see only himself. And it’s much better anyway for everybody as it makes me safer than do something stupid like chasing that truck.

What about something in reverse, which is also much better, for all of us. I hear everybody say he pity everything he see, and do nothing about it. How about raise your game to some hate, hate the cause of that pity. It’s also much better for you to contemplate about what’s really going on in this world. And also much better for the world if you dare to really do something about that. It also give you more real purpose than just indulge your way out of that pity, worse if you wanna take credit out of that pity, so hypocritical useless contradiction.

Yes, you can guess, I really pity who always pity all the time.

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