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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

One way to gauge your frustrated contradiction

Writing journal is one accepted great way to creativity and self improvement. Opinion expression is a way to commit, then optimize. And healthy argument is one of the best joy, in my opinion, surely. But fear of being wrong is engraved in our instinct and have profound impact. Especially, when feeling of being right is more joyful for the short term.

However, getting infused by new information is usually destabilizing. It’s like one way or another to choose, even when flexible middle way is always provided, depending on flexibility. But in suppressive environment of conformity, small deviation can seem like very big deviation already.

Level 1 frustration: So you get frustrated to adopt and choose to dismiss new information, even when it’s obviously thinkable. Refuse to broadening your reality and flexibility can result in even more frustration in the future, like downward spiral. Eventually new broader reality can seem like a threat to your peaceful mind, make you angry.

Level 2 frustration: Anyway, you know in your soul it’s real and you keep coming back for more information, just to find some easy way to negate it to stabilize your mind. So long that you do it naturally and keep your perspective very rigid, seeking confirmation by similarity, not by exploration.

Level 3 frustration: It’s too hard to rationalize into new information. So bad that you think you need to get rid of that information, by denial, deeper suppression or destruction. 

Opinion is very bad idea, you think, we should all just eat, work and die. Work hard plus study hard is best way to good life. I may argue that for working hard to be gaining status, you need to damn others into fatigue before you, or those all status will never be achieved. As everyone’s goal will lie far beyond the horizon. And yes, that’s what you are doing anyway because you can’t even bare their universal reality that source them too energetic already. And your only hope to success is to detach as many people as possible from opportunity.

Power of universal reality, and without segregation, will give you peace, physically and emotionally.

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