*... The Meaning of..Love ...*
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*..Some People..*

There are some people who like to make life complicated, because they need attention.

There are some people who like to be loved, because they were ignored when they were very little.

There are some people wasting their time making their life difficult, because their lives were so easy.

There are some people who don't get used to giving, because they're used to being given to.

There are some people who only think about themselves, because they don't know how to give.

No one had enough patience for them..

No one gave without taking from them..

No one sacrificed to be someone who will be there...

all the time when they turn their face to ...

Someone who always waves and smiles. and maybe they understand nothing, but like to forgive always.

Only the reason of love can make it.....I know..but no one yet is " that one "


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whenever you felt that your heart is going to breakdown
feel it with the love of God ask for his and then you will
find out what is the truth love in Your life as he does for me!


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