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Microdermabrasion Bangkok - The Best Facial that Makes Your Skin Glow

microdermabrasion bangkok

Microdermabrasion Bangkok - The Best Facial that Makes Your Skin Glow

The best treatment should not able to make you relax but also help improve your skin. According to one of the best facial treatment is Microdermabrasion treatment. Why is that? It is because Microdermabrasion removes dried cell, stimulates collagen under skin, and brighten your face. Besides, this facial treatment does not apply anything on skin during the process. As a result, the probability of skin irritation due to facial ingredient is low.

Where to find the best Microdermabrasion in Bangkok?

We have tested more than 10 beauty institutes that provide this treatment. Our team has consensus agreement (score 8.9 out of 10) that Puttharaksa Aesthetic offers the best Microdermabrasion treatment. Why is that? It is totally different experience when compare with others. We felt that the treatment was carefully performed. We felt that the treatment staff was care. We also felt that our skin was fresh and smooth after the treatment. One last thing that we love about the treatment is the price. We paid only 500 THB! It is very cheap compared with the value that we receive from the treatment. We asked one of the staffs about the low price. We were surprised! She smilingly said the prices were still the same since 2005. It is original indeed.  

We are also informed that other facial treatments at Puttharaksa Aesthetic are outstanding also, e.g. Acne Treatment and Acne Scars Treatment. We will schedule to test such treatments and share with you soon.  

They also have a list of facials that provide good information about treatment processes and prices at If you are Thai audience, you may visit ทรีทเม้นท์หน้า.

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