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How to Create an Outline for your Research Paper - 2021

A research paper is the most difficult assignment assigned to high school, college, and graduate students for their academics. This writing type is a form of an extended essay that carefully analyzes, evaluates, and interprets a topic. If you are new to writing, find support from experts. Taking a chance with your evaluations won't be something decent so request that a professional to "write my essay".


Unlike other assignment types, a research paper requires deeper research and stronger writing skills. This is a formal piece of writing that solely depends on powerful research and an impressive structure. 


A research paper is based on a comprehensive writing process that can not be carried out if the planning is not done carefully. Most students fail to write winning papers because their plan is not strong. 


If you are writing a research paper for your degree, we have a complete guide on how you should outline your paper. Below are the easy steps that can help you develop a strong outline for your paper. 






Choose a Subject 

Brainstorm ideas to decide on a topic for your paper. The subject chosen for the paper should be strong and interesting for both the writer and the audience. Planning the research paper means that you have a clear outline or framework to work in. gathering compelling information will not be of any use if it is not structured in a proper outline. You can ask for a plan for your research paper from the 'write my essay for meservices. 


Gather Related Ideas 

Examining the paper topic, collect relevant information. Consulting different and credible sources, gather ideas that fit your topic and the research question. 


All the information gathered will be part of the paper’s content so make sure to take frequent notes. Moreover, keep in mind to consult relevant sources to prove your point. 


Organize Related Ideas 

Once you have gathered some information on the topic, organize it according to the relevance. Make sub-groups roughly and arrange all the points in different sections. 


Organizing the data will help you in many ways. It will arrange your thoughts, ensure nothing is missed and will help you understand the flow of information. 


Arrange Information in Order 

Understanding the correct order of the information is essential. The first section of the research paper that you will draft will be the introduction.


In this section, present only the introduction of the topic, relevant background information, the purpose of the research, and the main research question or the thesis statement. 


After this section, arrange the body of the paper. In body paragraphs, all the gathered information on the topic will be provided. All the evidence and supporting data are presented in different paragraphs for the audience to understand the topic. 

If drafting an outline is giving you a hard time ask an expert to ‘write essay for me’. The writer will assist you in not only drafting the outline but also in proofreading and editing your paper. 


The body paragraphs contain headings and sub-headings depending on the writer’s preference and the content’s requirement. It will help the writer stay focused and the audience to navigate through the content. 


The last section to be assembled is the conclusion where the writer has to give closure to the discussion. This part will contain a restated thesis statement, limitations of the study, and some closing statements.


Format the Outline 

The outline can be formatted using different styles like alphanumeric, full sentences, or decimal. Chose your preference and structure your outline before you start writing your research paper. 



If you are wondering “where can I find someone to write my paper for cheap’, online essay writing service is the answer. Get professional help to write a compelling research paper. 


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