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Wedding: Favourite scene

The first scene I always think of this series is the memoried bridge. It's the normal bridge acrossing the road. But it's memoried because it's their love monument.

Sena expressed her love directly to him. She tried to date, call, sms, and visit him but it didn't work. Becuase he still love his best friend.

After he knew the news that his best friend gonna engage with other man, he refused her love and said to her that his love was gone and right now he didn't mind whom he was marrying.

She was very upset and heavily cry all time driving home. She sent the last sms to him that:

Although I didn't want to send this sms, I haven't received any reply. If we were to end just like this, then all the efforts I've made so far would be wasted. Can't you just reply with one word, "yes"? Then I wouldn't call you. Just a simple one word, "yes". All these time, you can't possibly dislike me so much, right?

He answered all her sms until the last one and asked her to talk at this bridge. He talked to her that:

I'm sorry for hurting your feelings. I am really sorry. I was worried that you wouldn't be coming. So, that's how it feels for Sena to wait for someone. I thought you wouldn't come.

I'm here.

I'm sorry. ... To say those harsh words to you, I'm very sorry.

With you by my side, I keep forgetting where I am. Clearly know that it's not possible. But when Sena said it's possible, I start to believe it is possible. Clearly know that two opposite people, but when you said, it's alright, then it feels alright.

So, what does that mean?

I ... I can't completely forget liking that person. Besides, I'm not as joyful like you. I don't know how to cheer or praise someone. Perhaps in future I won't understand many things you do. There's a gap between us. Perhaps I am a selfish person, only seem to care about myself. But ... you don't mind who I am now, do you?

Let's get married.

He asked him why she didn't answer him suddenly. She just said the poem that he intended to speak to someone he will propose to get married.

I think he was very sad because the poem is the momoried poem between him and his best friend. ... Then, I little cried for something I don't know. It may be the tear for her true love to the one who never loved you at all. However, I still smile. It may be I am glad with her marriage.


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