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. . .Twilight . . .

. . . TWILIGHT . . .

This story is about a girl named Bella, who lives alone in one boring city.

She studies in the most famous university.

It is supposed to be an exciting life for her.

However, it turns out to be worst than she expected.

She has always wanted to see new things, people and to find someone to love.

Until one day, she meets Edward, who is different from other people.

For her, Edward is so fascinating and mysterious at the same time.

His skin is very pale because he doesnt like sunshine.

Even though she feels uncomfortable with him in the beginning,

she has to admit that she likes him more and more everyday.

By the time she is getting to know him closer and deeper,

she knows the other side of his life. He never needs to sleep.

He doesnt eat food like people do. He drinks animals blood.

The most shocking truth Bella knows about Edward is that he is not a human.

He is a vampire, a real Vampire.

How is Bellas life after knowing that Edward is a vampire?

Will she still love him? Is she in danger with the relationship between

a human and a vampire?

. . . . . . . . . .

I recommend you to find out the rest of this exciting story by reading

a book named Twilight.

It is a best selling novel, which is translated into many languages, including Thai.

If you want to read it, you can find it at bookstores near you.


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