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Ok since people have been asking me (and nagging me lol) about updating Bloggang.
Its finally updated. Unfortunately, I don't use pantip's blog service.
Now I have my own server running apache and wordpress at home.
But I still visit this place frequently and all comments and messages are
welcomed, I do come in and read it from time to time.

My name is Mek (เมฆ),
I live in California Silicon Valley and my home here in Pantip is Klaibann.
You can find me in Klaibann, Lumpini, Siamsquare and Rachada.


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California United States

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ผู้ติดตามบล็อก : 1 คน [?]

I graduated from MUIC in Thailand and now I am working in the States in Palo Alto CA. If any of you are around here (San Jose, Mountain View, Cupertino etc etc) feel free to add my contacts. Looking forward to meet Thai peeps here. ~
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